I look for adventures to the own harm

I look for adventures to the own harm

I look for adventures to the own harm Learning of foreign language demands assiduity and patience. But for many fidgets there is no punishment worse, than bezvylazno to sit in audience, to pore over textbooks or as the galerny slave, on long hours to chain itself earphones to an audio equipment of a language laboratory. What it and to remain ignoramuses? Language schools of the world resolutely answer: no way. It appears, it is possible Continue reading

Australia: about ecology head over heels

Australia – the homeland of elephants. No, not so.
Australia – the homeland of green elephants. Again not so.
Australia – the homeland green. Here! Subject!

Correctly, Australia – the homeland of movement green, therefore a conservation question in Australia at all very famous. Movement of the green is fashionable, popular; having risen on a position green, it is possible to promote strongly in policy. In Australia there are no nuclear Continue reading

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