Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia

«Who over us head over heels?» Remember such children’s riddle? Australians can quite be considered as these people, and celebrate Christmas in Australia, means, to overturn all foundations and to think up absolutely new traditions.

Southern hemisphere and Santa’s bag

Australians in many respects adhere to the European canons of preparation and carrying out a holiday, after all the majority of them – descendants of the first emigrants from the Old World. So the main difference here consists only in weather. In December on the Green continent the calendar summer behaves violently, and therefore there is a heat.
And nevertheless Santa comes to children and adults, despite weather. It brings gifts which carefully displays in the elegant nosochka hanged at fireplaces, and puts festively packed parcels under Christmas fir-trees.
On tables for Christmas in Australia the fried turkey or a chicken, fresh vegetables and fruit, pies and puddings and, of course, local wines the glory about which reached even far European coast prevail.

Parades and fairs

The tradition of opening of Christmas actions developed for years. Today it is Christmas parades in the cities of the country, a song-kerols and family picnics on green lawns of parks and gardens. Christmas trade does not lag behind from American or European, and on the Christmas eve in Australia all records of a prodavayemost and a pokupayemost are broken. Everyone to aspire to find the best gifts for the family, to be reserved by delicacies and tasty drinks at the pleasant prices.
Evenings before holiday approach Australians will see off in gardens and parks where the improvised concerts are arranged. They represent gripping show in which any wishing can participate. The sea of the lit candles after sunset when the concert venue becomes similar on big, but a peace fire becomes the culmination.

Свэг Maine from the rock to Ulura

Except Santa, in Australia ball and character Sveg rules Maine which according to the legend lives on the well-known red rock to Ulura located in the middle of the Australian desert. On a holiday it comes to the cities and distributes gifts. And the rock to Ulura is one of the most visited natural sights of the Green continent. It is unique and surprising, and similar stone educations on a planet do not exist any more.
Far, but surprising Christmas in Australia will be remembered also by warmth of his inhabitants – people hospitable, friendly and very hardworking. The holiday in such company will begin excellent option to be stirred up and paint gray everyday life bright paints.

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