Education in Australia

Education in Australia

Australia is the advanced country in which it is possible to combine successfully rest, study, work and business. Advantages of education in Australia:

  • The Australian diplomas use not smaller demand, than European and American;
  • Training cost for 10-40 % is lower, than in Europe and America;
  • Teaching language – English;
  • Possibility to master the most perspective specialties (accounting, right, hotel management, information technologies);
  • Possibility to work during study according to the student’s visa (since 16 years).

The higher education in Australia

In Australia is not present prestigious or not prestigious educational institutions – in all HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS to students teach a high standard of knowledge. Academic year lasts from February to November.

To arrive in the Australian HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, it is necessary not only to leave secondary school in Russia, but also to receive necessary knowledge (everything depends on the chosen specialty), having registered in training courses at university or having finished specialized college.

Important: after the termination of college, the student enlist on the 2nd course of university but if it ends training with honors, he automatically becomes a third-year student.

Besides, to be enlisted in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, the student needs to provide IELTS certificate on knowledge of English (level 5,5 and above).

Language schools

As a rule, language schools are present at Australia on the basis of colleges and universities (they are incorporated in English Australia association). In all language centers it is possible to use courses of the general English, business-English, English for the academic purposes, vacation and courses (University Direct Entry Program), after which being trained enroll without passing of language dough.

Business schools

For example, at Tafe Gold Coast business school in Serfers Paradayz it is possible to master specialty “hotel and tourist management” and to pass a course on the organization of rounds for those who prefers to be engaged in scuba diving. Here, besides studying of tourist management, students learn to understand the nuances connected with diving. Besides, students without fail should have training preparation and practice on water.

Work during study

Students have the right to work during study of at most 20 hours per week, and at vacation – full day. To make out the work permit to students there is no need – after receipt in educational institution, the work permit comes into force in an automatic order.

Having received the Australian diploma, you will open for yourselves a way to professional career abroad.

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