New year in Sydney

New year in Sydney

The biggest Australian city, Sydney is well-known for the magnificent views, sights of world level, fine climate and that meets New Year’s holidays… at the height of summer. However, the same picture is observed in all cities and весях the Southern hemisphere where on December 31 is the middle of summer with all that it implies. So to celebrate New year in Sydney, means to plunge into the atmosphere of the warm sea, the hot sun, flowers, fruit and general love.

The bridge in new life

Sydney holds events of world level on the eve of New year. Midnight show of fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge becomes one of the most entertainment. This openwork bridge through the gulf Port Jackson in itself – big sight. First, its form granted to locals the right to nickname the bridge a hanger, and secondly, the construction is one of the biggest arch crossings in the world, executed of steel.
The first New Year’s fireworks over the Sydney bridge decorated the sky in 1996 and since then became annual. Pyrotechnic show symbolizes itself updating and the introduction in a new stage of life, and therefore to see salute thousands guests aspire annually. Going to celebrate New year in Sydney it is important to remember what to take places on a lawn before the bridge costs even in the afternoon, after all by the night there happens there is no place even to squeeze.

And from above all is visible…

The viewing tower of the Southern hemisphere second for height – Sydney. In it observation decks, and a tower – one of the most popular city sights are open. On holidays its illumination becomes a part of solemn city illumination, and at 250-meter height the restaurant in which 220 people at the same time can order a festive dinner is located.

New Year’s fireworks in Sidneedlya of young naturalists and accompanying persons

Especially attractive New year in Sydney can become for younger members of the family. The local oceanarium is considered by right one of the best in the world. Paths for visitors in it pass through two huge aquariums, in one of which the real sharks are carried by headlong, and in other – seals frolic.
If diving on the Big Barrier reef is not included into the trip program, to get acquainted with its underwater world it is possible and in an oceanarium. The separate section is devoted to the most popular inhabitants of the well-known reef and allows to "plunge" into its flora and fauna figuratively.
Taronga Zoo – a zoo of Sydney in which hundreds animals and birds are collected. Many of them meet only on the Green continent. Zoo works nearly hundred years, and its name in a translation from language of local natives means «A beautiful look».
The large quantity of sights, bright festive actions, festivals and fairs – a good occasion to go on a meeting of New year to Sydney. Even long flight is worthy of it to plunge into hot Australian summer at the height of frosty winter.

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