Where to move in Australia?

Where to move in Australia?

Where to move in Australia? You accept Australia? Remarkably: in recent years this country is famous not only marsupials for animals, but also quality education which she offers foreign students. But how to choose suitable educational institution?

For a start it is necessary to answer itself the following questions:

What education level you interests?
How long you are ready to study?
What educational institutions suit you?

The Australian education system consists of 12 qualifying steps. Unlike other countries, qualifications represent links of one chain: the student can consistently move from the lowest link to the highest. Post-secondary education in Australia shares on attestative courses with issue of the certificate (6 months), advanced attestative courses (1 year), degree programs (1-2 years), an initial university course with award of degree of the bachelor (2-3 years), postdegree education with award of degree of the master or the doctor (1-3 years).
Attestative courses and degree programs are taught both in private educational institutions, and in colleges of the state system TAFE (Technical and Further Education). This professional education which can borrow from 6 months to three years.
TAFE colleges which in the country about 250, give practical education and skills of work in this or that sphere. The choice of professions is wide – from the pilot to the hairdresser. Many colleges are connected with business or the industry thanks to what students easily find podrabotka during study and permanent job upon termination of. Depending on duration of training after such college it is possible to become the owner of the certificate on the professional education, the advanced certificate or the diploma.
Certainly, hardly you will go on the world’s end to get there secondary vocational education. But the main advantage of TAFE colleges to foreigners that is the short road to university. The college termination with the advanced diploma (Advanced Diploma) is equated to a bachelor degree and allows to arrive at once on a postdegree course of university. This option is good for those who wishes to "finish" with education quicker. The majority of colleges has an arrangement with higher education institutions, in which graduates are enlisted by "machine gun", and three large Australian universities (Swinburne, and UTS) were no time Melbourne TAFE colleges. Now divisions of professional education are included into their structure.
In total in Australia 39 universities – 37 state and two private. Though all of them adhere to the general standards and offer a similar set of courses, the difference between them is. The oldest universities – Sydney, Melbourn, Adelaidsky, Queensland, West Australian – are famous for medicine and right faculties, to arrive on which not easy. At such universities it is meaningful to study fundamental sciences.
Many new universities, for example known Melbourn higher education institution of RMIT, grew from polytechnical colleges and institutes and kept a technical orientation. They develop the modern directions: economy and business, information technologies, design, electronic commerce, etc.
Remarkable universities some by nothing have outstanding faculties. For example, if you want to study journalism in Australia, in particular television, the subject is better than all this teach in Swinburne University in Melbourne.
At a higher education institution choice at you can arise and the question of in what city to study. Certainly, it is necessary to choose university in the specialty, instead of on location. But nevertheless it is more preferable to study in the large cities open for new trends and the international business. And in general, it is necessary to remember: the one who graduated from the best university, and the one who persistently goes towards the aim achieves success not.

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