Districts of Sydney

Districts of Sydney

The districts of Sydney is the 38 districts divided into areas and quarters, but most popular of them are of interest for tourists only.

Names and description of the main areas

  • Central Business District: here found a sight haven in the form of the Sydney television tower (its height – more than 300 m; on the high-speed lift it is possible to get on one of 2 observation decks; inside it is necessary to visit a cinema, restaurant and one of shops), Opera theater (the 185-meter building has Concert and Opera halls, and also the most massive in the world body; in a building – free, but quite expensive tickets for the opera it is expedient to buy an entrance in advance), Circular Quay Embankment (for rest squares, restaurants and foot paths are provided; for New year and on the occasion of other important dates festive actions and fireworks), the Hyde park (guests will pass on avenues and gardens where more than 500 trees grow, and also will see a monument to James Cook and Archibald’s fountain) here are arranged.
  • Рокс: this area with foot footpaths is suitable for pedestrian walks; right there it is possible to arrange picnic under Harbor Bridge (from an observation deck it is possible to make tremendous photos; at desire you will be accompanied by the guide on bridge top, previously having given out you a special suit – such entertainment will cost approximately $200).
  • Bondi Beach: this tourist quarter is famous for the sandy beach, intended as for weakened, and active pastime (it is possible to be engaged in surfing and to play beach volleyball), and Bondi’s Pavilion (the center – a venue of cultural actions).
  • Kirribilli: will please vacationers with the Amusement park where there is a set of versions of attractions, in particular, a roller coaster, and also is arranged fancy-dress representations.
  • Guests of Sydney are recommended to visit a zoo of Taronga (more than 2600 animals live in 8 geographical zones; to see the Pacific black duck and the royal spoonbill it will be possible in “Water and marsh grounds of Australia”, and sea leopards and other inhabitants of ocean depths – in “The great Southern seas”), the Australian museum (to survey 18 million objects of culture and a science are subject) and the museum Powerhouse (among 250 exhibits it is necessary to look at the oldest operating steam engine and the working model of the Strasbourg astronomical clock).

Where to stop to tourists

Travelers should look narrowly at means of placement in the area Darling-Harbor – here they will find small cafes, panoramic platforms, parks and gardens.

Those who is going to stop around Bondi Beach, should take into consideration that local hotels do not indulge future lodgers the low prices.

To you to liking active night life? Stop around Nyyutaun – here, on King Street, life is in full swing 24 hours per day. Besides, Nyyutaun will please vacationers with existence of museums, 4 theaters, carrying out exhibitions and festivals.

It is important to you to find available housing at the price? To find inexpensive hotels Saterlend Shir (a pleasant bonus – lack of big mass of tourists) will be possible in the area.

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