What to take to Australia

What to take to Australia

Having received the visa to Australia, you can start collecting things. If you do not know what to take to Australia, consider councils of tourists which there already visited.

The most important things

First of all, do not forget the documents. The following documents will be necessary for entrance on the territory of Australia:

  • the international passport with the visa;
  • all-civil Russian passport;
  • copies of passports;
  • tourist vouchers;
  • medical insurance;
  • invitations.

Copies of documents should be combined separately from originals. They will be necessary in a case утери the main documents. Having arrived to Australia, tourists acquire the right to the disposable free translation of documents in TIS (Translators and Interpreter Service). This country differs strict customs control and vigilant quarantine service. During customs passing from the tourist demand documents and a special card of the arriving. In this cards it is necessary to list drugs, seeds of plants, types of weapon and other subjects which you carry with yourselves. In case of concealment of data by the tourist it fine at a rate of 20 AUD and more.

What money to take with itself to Australia

In the territory of the country accept all bank cards of the international sample. For cashing in of money from the cards VISA, VISA Premier and some other, remove 15 % from total amount. The problem of payment of the goods a plastic card can arise in the small cities. Therefore before a trip take care of that you had cash. It is possible to import means into Australia in any currency. The maximum total amount is equivalent 10 000 AUD.

Drugs for the first-aid kit

The medical preparations imported by the tourist, should be declared. Take with itself only those drugs which are transferred best of all by your organism. With androgenic steroids and narcotic components it is necessary to supply preparations with special permission. On such preparations you should have a recipe which has been written out by the attending physician. Besides, at itself it is necessary to have the conclusion of the doctor about a state of your health and the list of the preparations recommended to them. It is necessary to present all these papers to the employee of quarantine service.

Clothes and other personal belongings of the tourist

Australians prefer to put on not strikingly and comfortably. Choosing things, consider specifics of climate of the country, the period of travel and feature of rest. To you will be useful both easy, and warm things. The mountain-skiing equipment can be hired. To the vacationer not to do without the camera and electronic things (the smartphone, a tablet, the navigator, etc.). Such things can be imported into the country duty-free if their cost does not exceed 900 AUD on 1 person.

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