Vina Avstralii

Vina Avstralii

Wine-making branch of Australia – one of the youngest on our planet. The first cultivated rod appeared here only at the end of the XIX century, and therefore for many years the continent was considered as the wine suburb which nobody took seriously. But at the end of the XX century of wine of Australia suddenly rushed to the world market, having struck experts with a surprising originality and quality.

In the country of a kangaroo

Long time only local gourmets accompanied by flocks of a kangaroo were participants of wine rounds across Australia. Today more and more our compatriots aspires to see the far continent and, having combined business with pleasure, to go to wine round on its best regions.
Vigorous development of wine growing and expansion of plantations allowed Australians to increase outputs essentially. The considerable contribution in wine-making wellbeing was brought also by the latest developments in the agriculture sphere. On quality of wine of Australia superhygienic modern production technologies steadily affect.

Features of a product

Own style of wines of Australia cannot be confused with any we designate. All wines frankly fruit, their aromas and aftertaste are structured by endurance in barrels from an oak. Thus the price category of absolute majority of the Australian wines is quite democratic and allows to buy such product to a gourmet even average prosperity.
Many wines of Australia – kupazhny, that is they are made of the grapes which have ripened in different regions of the country. Mixing of fruits contradicts the European approach to winemaking, but Australians believe, what exactly in careful selection and mixing of raw materials is covered guarantee of their success. Secrets of local wine makers guarantee stable quality of wine from year to year, is not dependent on weather or other conditions.
The main vineyards are concentrated in the southern part of the continent where the climate differs special softness. The card of all huge range of wine of Australia steadily is the product from Sir’s who has been taken out from France grade. These fruits give ample opportunities for creativity, and the Australian wine makers prepare from Sir and easy table wines, both saturated dessert, and branded skin with shades and red pepper in taste.

What to choose?

For classification of wine of Australia in the country the special system guaranteeing reliability of data, specified on a bottle label is entered. The main data which the producer of wine is obliged to tell to the consumer, – year of a crop, a grade of berries and the region where them brought together.

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