The right to work it is necessary to deserve.

The right to work it is necessary to deserve

Australia, though is at the other end of the world, has one conclusive advantage before other countries: there during study it is authorized to foreign students to work. And pay in it exactly so much, how many and to locals for the same work. Besides, by the end of study quite really to find quite good work in the specialty and to promote — Australia good experts are necessary. Only now receive all this any owner of the student’s visa (so was earlier) can not, and only the one who is really adjusted to study seriously and can show it to Australians.
Till the end of last year was so. Any person, going to study to Australia for the term of more than 3 months, received the student’s visa which automatically granted the right to work (the truth, no more than 20 hours per week). It was thus not so important, where he was going to study — on English courses, in business college or university. The main thing that the educational institution had the state registration and accreditation. Further the scenario could be a miscellaneous. Someone really diligent visited educational institution, and during free time from study worked. And someone "suddenly" sharply lost interest to study and at school did not appear at all. Vanished on work at all 20 hours per week, and all 40, and even 50. To check checked nobody.
It is clear that hunters to drive to the country according to the student’s visa (which, by the way, easily lasted) to find there work and to remain was much. Sale of student’s visas became very profitable business. There were so-called visa-shops — educational institutions which traded in student’s visas, at all without demanding from "buyers" that they at them studied. The majority of such educational institutions already got to "black lists" of the immigration authorities. It means that if you, God forbid, on ignorance will arrive in one of them — with the most serious intentions to learn English, business or something else, the visa to you most likely will refuse. "Black lists" are not advertized by the authorities, but to understand, visa-shop this or normal educational institution, it is possible, for example, at the price of offered courses and programs. If the course of business management costs 2.000 Australian dollars a year, at once is clear, that in this college can "learn".
This situation with the visa shops and illegal working immigration also forced the Australian government to make changes to visa laws. Now the student’s visa in itself does not grant the right to work. This right it is necessary to deserve. Than? Study: visit of occupations, normal progress, normal behavior. The demand for obtaining the work permit moves already in Australia when the student started occupations. It is long and tiresome bureaucratic procedure. The department of immigration (DIMA) demands mass of documents and confirmations, carefully them checks before issuing the work permit. It costs about 50 Australian dollars. By the way, for the Russian students as which trustee the Students International World-Wide (SIWW) company acts, this service is free. If the student wants to work, we collect for it documents, we arrange interviews, we connect employers.
But all this, I will repeat, occurs already in Australia. In procedure of obtaining the student’s visa of basic changes did not occur. The student’s visa stands out for the term from three months. For shorter term the usual tourist visa (to her owner it is impossible to work) is put. To receive the student’s visa, it is necessary to prove that you really go to study, in detail to tell where that and why, to present information on the background (education, language level, marital status) to explain, from where money for study and — the main thing — to pay the chosen course. All this information is surely checked (up to, whether there lives the person to the specified address). In addition, each applicant for the Australian visa (student’s or tourist) should pass physical examination at the doctors accredited by embassy (their professional suitability is regularly checked every year). Results of inspection go to Australia. To minor students (till 18 years) even if they go to study in university, the trustee is required.
If everything is made correctly and information authentic, the visa can issue quickly enough — within a week – two. Period of validity of the visa will precisely correspond to duration of study. The special code which is put down on the visa, contains information on the student goes to what educational institution and for what time. To change educational institution and training term without really serious reasons it is impossible (earlier the owner of the student’s visa could move quite freely from one school to another).
In the visa the medical insurance — Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is put down. This obligatory state insurance costs not much — 148 Australian dollars on half a year, and covers almost everything, up to childbirth (except services of the dentist and the ophthalmologist).
After arrival to Australia to the student at once open the bank account, and he receives tax number. As it was already told, he earns, as everything, but also pays taxes, as all (taxes come back only in case the revenue of the foreigner makes less than $5.000).
It is possible to work anywhere. The majority is engaged in purely student’s work and receives on the average 200-250 Australian dollars a week. If language not so, is cleaning of rooms, to bring-transfer. Language is better, the person sociable, can support conversation, joke — to it charge work with clients: the waiter in a bar, restaurant, the seller in shop, even the manager in the company. From the second – a third year students already look for permanent job. Most of all offers and possibilities in hotel, restaurant and travel business.
Even before introduction of new visa rules in Australia mass checks began, I even would tell — round-ups. Check educational institutions, check students. For example, come to you to the house of 4-5 policemen and ask to call names of fellow students, teachers, to tell about school, to show abstracts and textbooks. As check also a place of work of the student foreigner.
All this, of course, complicates life a little, but the person who is aimed at study, work and life in Australia, loses nothing, but only gets. Having proved the reliability, a zakonoposlushnost and gravity of the intentions, you can take all advantages which the status of the student in Australia gives. The need for cool European experts with language skills in Australia is rather great. And upon termination of college or university at you it will be much bigger, than in other countries, possibilities to continue the career in Australia.

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