Season in Australia

Season in Australia

The rest season in Australia lasts all year: everything depends on what purposes you will put before yourselves on vacation and what regions will prefer to visit.

Tourist season in Australia

May-October is considered a dry season is time it is possible to devote to visit of the street markets of Darwin. Besides, during this period various festivals are held.

The season of rains is characteristic for December-March – at this time it is necessary to visit national parks of the Cockatoo or Litchfild or to fly by over Katherine Corge gorge.

Rest in the Australian resorts seasonally:

  • Spring: the Australian spring months fall on September-November. This period – favorable time for visit виноделен (the area of the river of Margaret) and supervision over whales. Jazz, blues, opera, fine sculptures, surfing, diving, local cuisine, acquaintance to Deyntri’s rainforest. All this is available in the spring in the Australian resorts.
  • Summer: duration of the Australian summer – December-February. It is expedient to devote this time to rest on the Sydney beaches or to a campaign on tasmaniysky highlands.
  • Autumn: autumn months in Australia fall on March-May. In the autumn it is necessary to visit Orandzh – the culinary and wine center, to go on river walk (river Brisbane), to be engaged in rafting or to fish.
  • Winter: in June-August when the Australian winter reigns in the country, in the Australian Alps it is possible to ski (at your service – snow-covered slopes in staff Victoria). And at desire it is possible to sunbathe under "winter" beams of the sun, to be engaged in a snorkling or diving in waters of the Big Coral Reef (the coast of Queensland), or to go to a jeep safari across the Simpson Desert.

Beach season in Australia

In east regions of the country a beach season all-the-year-round, in the northeast – from April to November, the southwest – from September to November and from March to May, and in the northwest – from May to October.

The main sea Australian resorts are the Big Barrier Reef (sandy beaches, corals), Gold Coast (beaches with golden sand, shops, pleasure institutions), Perth (sandy beaches on which it is possible to have a rest, irrespective of a season), Fraser Island (gold beaches with palm trees), the Island Lizard (exclusive beaches, the fishing, interesting places for dayv-immersions).

Family pairs should look narrowly at Hyams Beach beach with snow-white sand.


It is possible to be engaged in diving during the whole year. In local waters you can see unique representatives of underwater flora and fauna. Dayv-pogruzheniya it is possible to carry out on islands Hinchinbruk and Whitsundays, and also on Cable Beach beach.

Rest in Australia perfectly will be suitable for fans of shopping, sea entertainments, mountain skiing, saturated excursion programs. Here it will be cheerful all – both to the youth companies, and married couples with children.

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