In Australia is where to be developed to the tourist.

In Australia is where to be developed to the tourist

Olympic Games which have recently passed in Australia warmed up interest to this country. Now the tourist season there begins. Not casually Central agency of travel of "CenTra" addressed to this far continent, having prepared the new tourist’s product — the program under the name «All Australia». It also was presented on firm presentation.
Why Australia? If in the popular telecast which participants fight for a prize in one million rubles, the question dropped out: «What city is the capital of Australia?», and among expected answers Cairo, Canberra, Cagliari and Sydney appeared, let us assume, many would choose Sydney.
The capital of Australia at all Sydney, and the city of Canberra from what follows that this country still remains for Russians «a Terra incognito». Australia – the only thing in the world the state occupying the whole continent. Impress age of this continent — about 3 billion years and total area – about 8 mln Is where to be developed to the tourist, isn’t that so?
– And on what to look, – the deputy commercial director of CenTra firm Mikhail Solovyev assures. – Our new product in this direction – a peculiar gift for those who decided to go to travel on this continent. At one tour operator – neither Moscow, nor Australian – the similar program not to find, it is absolutely original. The route is carefully worked: it included seven cities with which tourists should familiarize in 16 days of travel. Acquaintance to Australia begins with the well-known Sydney.
– Tourists will receive mass of impressions, – the representative of the ATM Australian travel agency Olga Dmitriev continues. – In Sydney they will visit a royal botanical garden, will have dinner at television tower restaurant, will walk on the old district of the city, will visit a pub with the tunnel through which once threw out across the ocean too разбуянившихся drunk visitors. And can go to cruise on the gulf Port Jackson in the evening. With cabaret and a dinner. Next day after arrival excursion to the Blue Mountains and park of the Australian animals is provided. Blue them called because of the easy blue haze shrouding both mountains, and the small town located in them with same «heavenly color» the name. The haze exists thanks to evkaliptovy evaporations. Well where in the world it is possible to see a similar miracle? In the same mountains our tourists can admire falls and the rock under the name «Three sisters» which tops are covered with snow caps. We, by the way, think organizing round in which our tourists could and on skis in mountains to drive, and at the ocean to be bought. The nature of Australia allows to carry out this idea.
Further in our route are provided a sightseeing tour on the city of Melbourne known for the architecture, and visit of the island of Phillip where it is possible to see parade of penguins. Every evening at sunset penguins leave the sea and slowly walk on spending the night in sandy dunes. The thriftiest bear with themselves fish, and numerous seagulls try, and is not unsuccessful, this fish to take away.
Next day travelers have a flight to Adelaide, the capital of the Australian winemaking and – here paradox! – at the same time city of churchmen. The following item of a route – the city of lucky Perth on the Western coast of the ocean where 360 days in a year shine the sun. And here bright impressions are also provided: that there is a cruise on the swan river to the resort town of Fremantle! Further – flight in a northern point of Australia, the city of Darwin where it is constant штормит the ocean.
Those who saw it, argue that more impressing show is difficult for imagining. Besides the storming ocean, here a remarkable collection of orchids in a local botanical garden, a wooden sculpture and painting on a wood bark, other creations of the Australian natives… Also in Darwin it is possible to buy pearls rather cheaply.
After so saturated excursion program remarkable rest in the city of Cairns. Cruise on the Big Barrier reef, driving by the boat with a transparent bottom, swimming on the "crocodile" river, a safari on jeeps in tropics, excursion in an aborigensky small village… Gold Coast becomes a finale of unforgettable voyage to Australia.

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