Study as way of emigration

Study as way of emigration

Australia and New Zealand are so removed from European civilization (which part, they, nevertheless, are) that definition – "world’s end" involuntarily arises. But it does not stop wishing there to study: such, despite all obstacles and a distance, every year becomes more increasing. People of student’s age go generally and arrive in universities. That them moves and that waits for them in the future – the director of educational agency "Sistema-3" Arnold Rubenstein argues on it, since recent time included these two countries in number of priority activities of the company.
Describing advantages of Australia and New Zealand, usually mention low cost (in comparison with other English-speaking countries), safety, good weather and ecology. Earlier still noted that fact that students can legally earn additionally, but now it is authorized and in other countries. And how in your opinion, why to fly so far?

As to fly to Australia and New Zealand really long, the thought on return to the head does not come at once. But the thought comes to remain. On my representations, this thought also moves those who goes there to study. Simply by definition it is possible. It does not contradict immigration policy of these countries. On the contrary, the person who has graduated in Australia or New Zealand, represents for them value. It has every chance to remain. However, the same it is possible to tell and about other countries. But in the overflowed Europe simply can not be workplaces. You leave as the trainee, but nobody will fight for the graduate without experience moreover the foreigner.
But also, it is necessary to consider that four-five years – big term. It is very difficult to foretell that will be with our labor market. As it is difficult to foresee that happens with the person during this time. He can fall in love, marry eventually. It is sufficient term to settle there. After all adaptation takes place in young age very easily.
In other words, the new type of emigration – student’s or educational is informally encouraged?

Well, if to consider long-term study abroad as one of ways of emigration, it is necessary to recognize that it always existed. Any long stay in the country encourages the person to remain. Such thoughts does not arise unless if to you absolutely badly there and you cannot adapt in any way. Australia and New Zealand pursue private policy of increase in number of the formed and qualified emigrants from Europe. And all because inflow of Asians accepts menacing scales, promising to transform ethnic structure of the population of these countries beyond recognition.
Though with student’s visas not everything is so simple. Last year’s scandals with imaginary students strongly complicated a situation. The matter is that repeated deception of immigration services of Australia by citizens of India, Bangladesh, China and some other countries among which, unfortunately, there was Russia was opened. The technology is simple: people paid an inexpensive course in higher education institution or college, received the student’s visa, came into place, refused study and demanded a refund. But the main thing – home did not come back, and dropped out of sight of the authorities and illegally got job. Chinese and Hindus in such a way managed to drag to Australia all the numerous relatives and acquaintances. When Australians at last understood, in what business, they toughened a visa regime, having brought the guilty countries in a black list. Mainly it affected terms of registration of visas – they strongly increased. In this regard New Zealand became more preferable to many.
Proceeding from told, advise to the potential students, what specialty and what educational institution to choose to be demanded and for certain to remain in the country?

Experience of our friends, acquaintances and the students who have gone abroad, shows that conversations on prestigiousness of this or that specialty and educational institution is a myth. In practice all appears so: if you are the high-class professional, you are demanded, if you excellent graduate from the university, you can choose to yourself a place of work and to feel sure.
Irrespective of, you are going to return or remain, it is necessary to choose specialty, recognizing that you can. Because even the most, at first sight, not prestigious professions, for example, the veterinarian or the engineer, in normally developed country are demanded and are highly paid. If you not simply have the diploma, but also know the business, in Australia and New Zealand to you the prices will not be.
In 17 years nevertheless probably difficult precisely to define, you really can?

At this age field of activity is already clear at least. At 15 – 17-year-old on a forehead it is written, who is he: physicist, chemist or writer. Over time nuances will be specified, specialization gets out. But nobody will go in technicians if it has literary abilities.

And nevertheless whether there are scarce specialties with which it is easier to be late there?

The market all the same changes: today programmers, say, are required, and tomorrow they and for nothing are not necessary, because there is too much them. The example of Germany is indicative. This country unexpectedly opened medical faculties and higher education institutions for foreigners (it was almost impossible to arrive earlier). And all because at present demand for doctors is satisfied, vacancies are not present, and Germans, knowing about it, do not go to study medicine. Here universities also fill audiences with foreigners, assuming that those will go with the diploma home or to other countries where physicians are necessary.
And here tendencies should be considered. If you go to New Zealand, the agrarian country, it is good to be the cool engineer. Because technologies grow, all processes are even more automated, and this should be able to be operated. And simply there and there is a lot of experts of agrarian sector.
But all the same the prestige and your reputation as professional are defined by prescription of stay in the country. I have a friend in States which there left at mature age. The clear head, the cool expert, to it raised every year a salary and in general in every possible way encouraged, but on an office ladder did not advance. He received a desired position only in 5 years when пообтерся, became the, the American. Otherwise there would be a scandal. Therefore once again I will repeat: the unique chance to achieve success in other country is at choice of profession to think not of ratings, and that you can.
In your opinion, in what higher education institution to study, too has no value?

In Australia and New Zealand there is no such enormous abyss between universities known and unknown, as at us or in the USA. All of them about one level, and high. Australian and New Zealand education technologically. Not important, you study at university, college or vocational school, of you will squeeze out a maximum and will achieve sense. Of you all the same will make the expert in the area. This, perhaps, main difference of the western education from ours. There at school of the person prepare not in university in general (if only somewhere studied), and direct there where it can be successful.
To me, for example, unclear, why to go to Melbourne or Sydney (namely these cities use the greatest demand). After all any university even if it is in the deaf province, has all attributes of student’s life, it is the mini-city, and the megalopolis around to the student is not necessary. The student all the same зациклен on the environment. The peripheral higher education institution, by the way, gives more chances to be late after study: in the Australian and New Zealand province experts are necessary more than in the capitals. Besides, in chamber conditions it is simpler to concentrate on the main thing.
After all that such study? It not end in itself, and the long investment program which should end with a refund. Therefore it is not important, where money is enclosed, the main thing that there was a result.

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