Why we such different. Australia, New Zealand

Why we such different
Australia, New Zealand

It is said that Australians and New Zealanders – very friendly people. As the former British colony, New Zealand inherited some elements of an education system and the education, inherent in England.
The special attention is given in Australia and New Zealand to identity of the child, his creative talents and interests. Parents try to define inclinations of the child and to promote their development. The school continues to solve the same task: the program is constructed so that allows to develop potential of everyone – in creativity, sciences, public life.
Training strictly purposeful, one of the basic principles which is successfully realized, – communication with life. Likely, here it is easier to study practicians, than theorists. Occupations often pass in the open air where not only listen to lectures, but also make the real experiments.
Sports activities in these countries – a leading subject. Parents and children, say, all together go in for physical culture. The benefit, the nature and weather dispose to it.
It is necessary to add still that recently in these countries constantly lives more and more foreigners. And it in turn influences and on educational, and at times and educational process.

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