Southern Earth

Southern Earth

For what students love Australia? Than, except a kangaroo and the koala, the evkaliptovy woods and exotic climate, is remarkable Australia? It appears, a good education. Colleges and universities of Australia have high academic indicators and rank with American and European. But education in Australia much more costs cheaper. Besides, during study you can even earn additionally that also will cut down expenses on study and accommodation on the far continent.
Australia means "the southern earth". Though this name was assigned to the continent only in the XIX century, the earth between Indian and Silent oceans has the most ancient history. Natives appeared here about 120 thousand years ago. But Europeans learned about Australia only in the XVII century. In 1606 Australia was opened by Dutch Yanszon and called the continent "New Holland". And on April 20, 1770 the captain of the British Royal Fleet James Cook surveyed east coast of the southern earth and for the ninth day moored to gulf coast. The magnificent exotic vegetation so struck travelers that the gulf was entitled by Botany Bay (Botanical gulf). Today in this place Sydney — the biggest city of Australia is located.
Cook’s travel became the beginning of English colonization. Up to the middle of the XIX century here banished convicts. But then, with opening of gold deposits and sheep breeding development, on the Southern earth numerous voluntary immigrants began to arrive. The open immigration policy and involves to this day many people: 45 % of an annual increase in population are the share of immigrants.
In inheritance from Englishmen of Australia got constitutional monarchy (led by the queen of Great Britain), a two-chamber parliament, English and an education system.

Education system
At the Australian school 13 years study. This time shares on elementary and high school. After 12-year training school students receive the certificate (High School Certification) corresponding to the British A-level. The last, 13th year — unessential. It for those who prepares for receipt in university or technical institute (Institutes of TAFE) to study according to the program as receiving degree of the bachelor. For this purpose, at least, 3 years is required, in 2 years it is possible to become the master. And the doctoral studies (analog of our postgraduate study), as a rule, take 3 years.
To Australia there come for study school and university students from the different countries. And such there is a lot of. By data for 1997, in various educational institutions of the country over 150 thousand foreigners studied. There are some reasons on which Australia choose for study. First — it is inexpensive (in comparison with the world prices), secondly, the child will master English as native, thirdly, the Australian diplomas admit all countries, and fourthly — in Australia it is authorized to students to work. However, it is possible to work only during free time from study and no more than 20 hours per week. Usually students earn additionally in a services sector. About $ $8-15 (hereinafter the prices are specified in US dollars) pay for a business hour. All expenses, of course, not to pay back, but earned it is quite enough to pay accommodation and to provide itself with livelihood.
Let’s notice that for quite some time now the student’s visa of the right to work does not give (as it was earlier). Was wishing of the unsuccessful countries to drive to Australia too much, to get job and to remain. About any study of speech did not go. Therefore now immigration services of Australia issue the work permit on arrival to the country and document presentation from institute or the college confirming that you there really study (or, at least, started to study).
One more plus of Australia — a low crime rate (below, than in silent and cozy Europe). And warm climate, the seas and the oceans, rich flora and fauna allow to feel as in the exotic resort. The combination of various climatic and geographical zones in the small territory is absolutely surprising: coral reeves and active volcanoes, geysers and mountains, rainforests and the rivers with a prompt current. What student does not dream of such "study"? By the way, now in Australia — the heat of summer. In March the autumn, and with it and will begin new academic year.

Language course
English schools — the educational institutions most popular and visited by foreign students. Without knowledge of English neither in school, nor to institute in Australia will not admit. So many begin the acquaintance to the country with a language course.
Such courses, except specialized language schools for foreigners, will organize almost all colleges and universities of Australia. In abbreviated form all programs on English in Australia are called as ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses to Overseas Students). The most part of educational institutions, their offering, is included into ELICOS association which, as well as the similar organizations in other countries, acts as the guarantor of quality of programs. Usually training program shares on 7 levels: from zero to the free. You will test at once as you will arrive, and will define in the group corresponding to your level.
Let’s notice that the minimum reasonable term for educational trips to Australia — month. Otherwise the meaning is lost: the ticket appears more expensively than the course, the country plainly will not manage to make out, will not have a rest, will not be learned properly and the short-term visa difficult, and even it is impossible to receive.
Shorter programs — the linguistic travel combining sports and entertainments with language practice — are usually recommended as addition to standard English courses at school. For example, the course "English plus scuba diving" can last 2 weeks, upon termination of two certificates — language and the swimmer-submariner stand out. On a standard course it is possible to study from 4 weeks to 5 months. Certainly, 5 months — the best term for preparation for examinations of TOEFL and IELTS, studying of "business-English" or "English for the academic purposes" (studies at university or college).
The majority of colleges and universities offer the combined English courses and professional or academic programs. Having started to study in them to language, you over time, anywhere without passing and without moving, can take more serious course. Language schools too are included in "chain": the courses of them consider many as preparatory in college and university.
For example, one of the most known centers of English of TLCC offers the unique year program "20 plus 20". The first 20 weeks you are engaged in the language, the second 20 — pass a business course. It is possible to choose management, marketing or computer courses. The courses TLCC admit as preparatory in university. Cost of the 40-week program — $4.000.
Colleges of Holmes system are in the different ends of Australia: in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Kousta and Cairns. During training it is possible to pass without effort from one college to another. You not only learn language, but also will get acquainted with all country.
Billy Blue schools are located in the center of Sydney, near to world famous harbor. Except a base course, students or school students pass a profile preparatory language course. For example, "a course of training to receipt on office of applied art", "a course of training of the hotel manager", "English for businessmen", "English for pupils of high schools".
One educational week at language school costs on the average to $ $125-185. Thus, it is necessary to pay extra for accommodation: in one week in a family with a two times food — $125, in a campus — $ $86-111, rent of the apartment or a room costs to $ $61-80.

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