Smile to the employer that work

did not "smile"

Smile to the employer that work did not "smile"

It is known that each foreigner coming to Australia to study, acquires the right to earn additionally during study. But it at all does not mean that the workplace is guaranteed to you and you will easily find it. In Australia, as well as in any other country, there is an unemployment (here it makes 8 %). Therefore to find a perspective place or simply a podrabotka, it is necessary to know local features and to be well prepared.

First of all, do not forget that the student’s visa in itself does not give the right to work, permission stands out only in Australia after the student started occupations (see No. 3 (4), page 45). Educational institutions, as a rule, are not engaged in employment of the students — their task to learn. Therefore prepare to that you most should look for work. Who can help you? A family in which you live (if, of course, you live in a family), acquaintances (their recommendations can appear solving), bureau on employment.
Quite recently there were also special services at some institutes — job access. They are financed from the local budget therefore all services for students are free. Their task — to help the student to find work and at the same time to provide the city (area) with missing shots. In a database of services job access information on vacancies accumulates, and each student can use this information, pass interview, receive consultation. For example, at brisbansky institute of technology of Russo Institute of Technology the service Sarina Russo Job Access opened. In it more than 50 advisers who employ students in Brisban’s 8 largest regions work.
In some educational institutions information on work is issued by the help machine guns established in halls reminding ordinary ATMs. It is necessary to consider that by means of institute service on employment it is possible to find only temporary (part-time), instead of constant (full-time) work.
Besides job access, there are still educational consulting firms which offer the foreign student a complex of services in the country, including job search and preparation for interview to the employer. In Sydney there are two such organizations, it is SIWW and TLCC (Technos Language & Commerce College). They explain to foreign students the "rules of the game" accepted in Australia, point to reefs, advise as well as what to do during study and after its termination.
TLCC offers students the special week course Job Placement Introduction. The student teach, as it is correct to make the summary how to behave on interview with the boss, how to communicate with clients, how to work with credit cards, checks etc. Managers of the companies often come to occupations, and it allows to make, first, courses most approached to practice, and secondly, to acquaint students with the possible employer. TLCC is located in the center of a business part of northern Sydney, and the majority of students, as a rule, here and gets job.
SIWW acquaints each student with rules of employment and in 2-3 weeks after the study beginning — when it becomes clear, who on what is capable — starts to organize interviews with potential employers.
Interview — one of the most important points of employment. On it in many respects depends, will take you for work or not. What is required from the student? Good English, good recommendations (report), ability to submit and to make good impression. Do not forget to smile! The employer should feel your positive spirit and huge desire to work.
Statistically, 80 % of students get job within the first 1,5 months of study. As a rule, at first the student take on a salary of 8-10 Australian dollars in hour. To achieve increase of a rate or to pass to more highly paid work the same consulting firms and institute services on employment help.
After arrival it is possible to find work in hotel, restaurant, a bar, shop, that is in a services sector where skill to communicate, than concrete skills and knowledge is more necessary.
When the student already studies on 3-4 course of university or finishes business college, to it work in the specialty which, probably, becomes a constant is simpler to find. At this stage the great value has, where also to that the student studies (prestige of university and specialty), what experience in Australia it already has (see No. 4 (5), page 44). And, of course, acquaintances are important — who can be charged for you. Here such, apparently, little significant thing as your way of life — what clubs visit with whom are on friendly terms is often taken into consideration, in what area live. Statistically, most of all possibilities for work in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisban.
But there are also sad figures: about 15 % of the employed Russian students dismiss next month. The reasons — delay, unwillingness to work, are not present shine in eyes, smiles upon the face, there is no respect for the client etc. So a little to find a workplace, it is necessary still to want and be able to work.
Also do not forget that the right to work is given only at 20 o’clock in a week and minute more! If the student breaks this law, it immediately deduct from educational institution and send from the country. You invite to Australia first of all to study and allow to earn additionally only.

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