The fine is far.

The fine is far

In Australia all not as at people. The winter at them – in the summer, a wheel not from that party, and governs for some reason the English queen. 75 % of plants growing on the continent and 90 % of animal species living there do not meet more anywhere. It not America, not Europe and not Asia. It is a sharp mix of different cultures – the American scope in height and at the width, especially felt in the cities where lives the nine tenth Australians, the European intelligence and goodwill, at last, purely Asian persistence and penetrative ability. Imagine a stake, a spaghetti and a land in one plate. Taste as Raikin spoke in one reprise, – specific!
The Australian education system (see also No. 2, 1999 and No. 12-1, 1999-2000) was cut out on English curves therefore its standards were initially high. The XX century created at a boundary private schools boards were copied with British, and based in 1850 to the first in Australia the Sydney university (University of Sydney) even architecture of the cases imitated Oxford and Cambridge. After it universities in Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania were based. From England there arrived the first teachers, textbooks were brought… The following boom of creation of educational institutions fell on the beginning of the 50th – the middle of the 60th. At last, the youngest higher education institutions opened the doors quite recently, in the 90th.
The success of the Australian higher education institutions is caused first of all by the low prices for quality education. On the average year of study at the Australian university manages in 7-11 thousand dollars that for 15-20 % is cheaper, than in educational institutions of Europe or America. Cost of accommodation is also insignificant, and thanks to the law, allowing to work till 20 o’clock in a week (and, notice, not only in the campus territory as in the USA), students can compensate a considerable part of the expenses. The high standard of living, almost total absence of crime and a safe ecological situation supplement a picture.
Australians managed to create the flexible system arranged by a principle of one-stop-shopping, so respected by experts in marketing. The student from abroad begins with language school where it prepare for further training in English. Then it without examinations passes to college, on the professional program or preparatory office of Foundation. From it – at once on the first or even the second year of university with which at college the agreement on partnership is signed. Thus, it is possible to begin with studying of English and to reach degree of the master. Conveniently, you will tell nothing.
Important feature of study in Australia – existence of alternative ways. For example, you can be disaccustomed the last two years necessary for obtaining of the certificate, at the Australian school board, and can arrive on the Foundation program. There are courses Fast-Track on which you save the whole year at the expense of more intensive study.
The majority of educational institutions of Australia have on some campuses. Thanks to it you have a possibility to choose and a training place – the big city, a quiet place somewhere in the suburb or in general the secluded settlement on the magnificent coast Gold Kost. And it is possible to study and in several campuses.
Consequence of "the immigrant past" the countries where only after World War II there arrived more than five million people, – openness and hospitality in relation to people of all nationalities. Guests here treat without a neglect or snobbery shadow. By the way, on hospitality and soul width Australians are very close to Russian.
Everything together these factors form that favorable background which involves thousands students from the different countries. First of all, to Australia students from the countries of Asia – Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and so forth aspire. Strong smack of exotic suits also students from Europe (Sweden, Switzerland etc.) and the USA.
As to students from Russia, them while comes it is a little. In 1999 student’s visas were received by about 400 people. And, as the director of the Australian company SIWW Oleg Stepanenko testifies, generally they go not from Moscow and St. Petersburg, and from the Far East, Kamchatka, Sakhalin. "From there in general Asia is closer, and Australia and Asia are perceived long ago as a single whole, even the name special thought up – Australasia. Muscovites too fixedly look towards Europe. From Sakhalin Europe is visible worse, but to Australia – no distance".

Schools for children
At schools of the far continent 13 years, from them one, the last year – unessential study. the 12-year cycle shares on initial (Primary School) and high school (Secondary School). Upon termination of a 12-letka the Australian children receive the certificate of Australian Year 12 equivalent to the British A-level.
Schools share on state and private. The last with pleasure accept children of foreigners whom as a whole on the country not less than 150 thousand (including children of the immigrants who are constantly living in Australia, but yet not having nationality study).
I could see one of the most prestigious schools for boys Scotts College being in the rich district of Sydney. By the form it differed nothing from the British: all pupils in a dark blue school uniform, the same platforms for sports activities (mainly, rugby), ascetic cases of hostels where pupils of younger age live till 10-15 the person in a room and sleep on two-story beds.
Age of this school board – more than 100 years. It belongs to presviteriansky church therefore all pupils irrespective of religion should visit services in a small cozy school chapel.
While one pray, others play football under the direction of the tightened trainers. The huge attention here is paid to sports. Explaining the ground, water sports, rugby, chess, rock-climbing, mountain skiing (yes, in Australia there are ski resorts!) – all this integral part of lesson schedule.
If you like to send the child to private Australian school, keep in mind that in many business colleges and institutes there are 6-month’s courses of preparation in the last classes of the public and private schools (High School Preparation). For example, on such course in the Sydney office of Holmes College about 100 pupils, generally from Asia study. Within such courses English is profoundly studied (including mathematical terminology), receptions and skills of training (skills) and other subjects accustom.

Language schools
Language schools of Australia exist usually not in itself, and in the form of offices of colleges and universities. All schools are incorporated in English Australia association (before it was called as ELICOS). Week of occupations by English manages approximately in AUD250-300.
Practically each language center offers courses of the general English (General English), business-English (English for Business Purposes, EBP), English for the academic purposes (English for Academic Purposes, EAP see No. 9, 2000) preparations for examination of IELTS (IELTS Preparation) and the vacation courses which are especially popular among Japanese school students. The language centers at universities usually offer also University Direct Entry Program – an English course after which you enroll without delivery of any language tests. Australians thought up very convenient system of the levels, allowing to pass from a course on a course. For example, having reached 3-4 steps of the course General English, Intermediate corresponding to level, it is possible to pass to EBP or on EAP, and from there – at once on any degree course on business.

Business colleges
Private business colleges in the country more than non-state universities, but colleges of system of vocational training TAFE (Technical and Further Education) financed from the budget use the biggest authority after all.
For example, TAFE Gold Coast – small college in the town Syorfers Paradayz. Located only in kilometer from a boundless beach, it is remarkable that here it is possible to combine training with all delights of resort life on days off. Within the direction "hotel and tourist management" it is possible to pass, in particular, a special course on the organization of rounds for fans of scuba diving. At first tourist management as a whole, and then the specifics connected with diving is studied. Students without fail have independently training necessary preparation and train on water. "It is perspective area, after all absolutely nearby are Kearns and the Big Barrier reef", – the director of department for involvement of students from abroad Ross Martin speaks.
The standard course of hotel management is taught in other campus of college. There are five educational restaurants, five kitchens, two educational bars, the bakery and a bistro on weekdays open for usual public. In a campus three special Hotel Rooms with the various situation, allowing to train necessary skills are equipped also. Students without fail study the second language – usually Japanese or French.
Pride of college – clinic of treatment by the natural means (Natural Therapy), equipped by the last word of equipment. This specialization becomes more and more popular, and at clinic there are a lot of visitors. The three-year degree course in this direction costs to one thousand AUD24.
The college has about 1.000 computers united in a network. Each student has unlimited Internet access. Such serious "equipment" – big plus for those who studies here information technologies and multimedia systems.

The Australian institutes are, as a rule, the private educational institutions which have outgrown a framework of college, but not grown yet to university level. In them it is possible to study English, hotel management, computer technologies and other best-selling subjects. As a rule, institutes have agreements with several universities, allowing to be translated there after the course termination without examinations.
For example, Russo’s (Russo Institute of Technology) Institute of technology in Brisbane grew from the courses of typewriting created by the Australian of the Italian origin of Sarina Russo. Now in it some thousand students study. The majority of them study English for the academic purposes and business-English (three levels) then can pass at once to professional courses." Our advantage that in three years of people instead of one baccalaureate diploma receives two: after two years – the diploma, allowing to work, and a bit later, in a year, – and degree of the bachelor, – the coordinator of the international programs Andrew Pennisi speaks. – And the keyword defining our status is pathway, "a direct way" because through us the student can get without problems, for example, to James Cook University with which we have an agreement". Such way cheaper and requirements to entering the institute will manage much more softly. Actually you need to have only the certificate about secondary education and to know English a little.

Still from 39 universities of the country only two – Bond University and Notre Dame University – are in a private property. The Ministry of Education strictly watches observance of the established rules and standards so "created" you here will not find universities in garage. There are also the independent ratings one of which is the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper rating (see tab. 1).
Most of all universities it is concentrated in the State of New South Wales. Its leader – University of Sydney based in 1850 which still costs a little independently. The territory in 72 hectares in the center of Sydney, old neogothic cases, a variety of the disciplines, one of the best libraries in the Southern hemisphere – all this allocates it against younger colleagues. 33,5 thousand students study here medicine, veterinary business and pharmaceutics, engineering sciences, architecture, the humanities and art. It is considered that here very strong faculty of the right, and a part of Australian Graduate School of Management university in 2000 entered into a rating of the best business schools of the world, made by the Financial Times newspaper. In University of Sydney teaches some Nobel winners – in particular, the economist, professor John Harsani and the chemist sir John Kornfort. The university has, perhaps, the biggest among the Australian higher education institutions number of partner higher education institutions in the world – more than 60. No wonder that training cost, no less than introductory requirements (575 points according to the TOEFL test, 6,5 points according to the IELTS test) here is quite high (one thousand AUD11-20 in a semester).
Other Sydney university – University of New South Wales – is included into the three of the best Australian universities, members of the international association Universitas 21, and also in "Group of eight" – association of the Australian higher education institutions – leaders in the field of scientific researches. On 400 training programs of baccalaureate and master level more than 32 thousand students study. 5.000 the foreigners representing 80 countries of the world make of them.
Macquarie University called in honor of general governor Makkuori, was based in 1967. The university campus in a northern part of Sydney reminds park: educational cases sink among trees under which, directly on a grass learn lessons students. Here it is possible to study arts, economy, commerce, finance, engineering sciences and technology, the right. The university is known for researches in the field of laser physics, linguistics and pedagogics. Training cost on degree of the bachelor makes one thousand AUD11-14.
In Griffith University about 24.000 students study. Its main buildings is in Brisbane, and about 8 thousand students study in a campus on Gold Kost. At university it is possible to comprehend subtleties of such specialties, as graphic design, aircraft construction, microelectronics, electronic commerce. There are here and baccalaureate programs on business, finance, and also interesting programs in the field of ecological tourism and planning of environment (Enviromental Engineering). The university is proud of the conservatory in which it is possible to study different styles of music and technology of scoring of films and telecasts.
University of Western Sydney is included into group of the youngest universities of Australia. In 1989 to it for 1 Australian dollar the government transferred the territory of old hospital in the distant suburb of Sydney to Nepeana. Cases were converted, partially constructed new – and very nice campus turned out. Other campuses are located in Paramatta, Penrita, Richmond, Blektaun. The university offers more than 100 training programs on which 31 thousand students are trained, 2.900 of which – foreigners.
It is considered best of two private universities of the country Bond University which в1989 to year the simple Australian millionaire with a modest surname based the Bond. The impressing campus near to Gold Kost managed in one million AUD300. The university offers 54 programs, including MVA, baccalaureate and master programs on information technologies and electronic commerce, business and management, finance, the right, hotel management. Academic year here is broken into trimesters, and as a whole the curriculum is more saturated, therefore degree of the bachelor can be received in two years, having saved on accommodation cost. But on training cost here you will not save: degree of the bachelor on business, information technologies will manage to you in one thousand AUD55,2, by right – in one thousand AUD73,6. Nevertheless, every year about 700 people apply for 620 places at university. Children of rich Australians here study, there are Americans, Swedes, and also students from Hong Kong, India and Indonesia. As a whole foreign students make about 25 % of 30 countries from total number.
In Australia information technologies, hotel management, accounting and the right are considered as the most perspective specialties. Concerning the foreign students studying IT even eases in immigration policy are made: two years after receiving degree of the bachelor they can legally work in the country, it is considered "practice in the specialty". Demand for such experts simply fantastic, and already in the course of study the majority of students easily find work.

Educational process
The aforementioned system of levels remains and when training on degree of the bachelor. For example, if you are trained in a hotel economy, after the first semester the certificate of the I level, already allowing to work at the lowest positions will be issued to you. After two semester you receive the certificate of the II level, after three – the certificate of the III level. Four full semester – and you the owner of the diploma. Add one more semester – and at you the diploma of the advanced level (advanced diploma). The following semester provides to you degree of the bachelor, and a year more – degree of the master. Such system allows to continue in case of a break education from on what you stopped and the immigration Department constantly receives certificates of that you study, instead of stick somewhere on the remote ostrich’s farm.
As "peep" of the Australian educational fashion "double degrees", if I may say so, are considered. For example, degree in the field of business and the right, accounting and business, accounting and the right. Australians believe that such combinations – just that is necessary for the provided future.
The basis of educational process is an independent work. Dmitry N. speaks (hereinafter surnames are not specified at the desire of students – A.B.), studying marketing in Bond University: "It is necessary to carry out behind books for five hours in day. Loadings big, especially on finance, accounting on which at examinations 15-20 % of a course fail. If lagged behind, walked, it is almost impossible to make up". Systems of tutors in its strict British option here are not present, but each teacher allocates one visiting day in a week when students can come to it and ask all collected questions.
In the Australian higher education institutions the student himself forms the educational schedule on the majority of the directions. For example, it is possible to make so that in a week you will have free (an exception very saturated short programs, for example, on hotel management make) some days. However the Department of immigration demands, that week loading was not less than 40 hours.
"In a semester it is required to study not less than four subjects, – continues the story Dmitry N. – we have group projects, written works. 30 % of school hours are devoted to the case-study method (see page 51 and No. 7, 2000)". Usually study 4-8 subjects in a semester. It is in addition possible to take open classrooms from the list which is offered by all faculties of university.
As many students from Russia, mathematics in Australia – "nursery" testify. But hardly happens to understand the system of accounting which is based on an English basis accepted here.
Examinations are generally carried out in writing. In the sports hall put tables, "the district is looked through" and it is almost impossible to write off. Progress is measured as a percentage. It is considered that 60-70 % it are already quite good, and for 80 % can even give a grant or lower a payment.

How to enter the university
About secondary education for receipt in the Australian universities it is not enough Russian certificate. As a rule, it appears also knowledge of English insufficiently, and all universities demand delivery of TOEFL or IELTS. Therefore experts recommend the following scheme: to begin with English studying (General English if level already good – English for Academic Purposes or English for Business Purposes) or with the Foundation program, and then to arrive on a degree course in one of colleges or in university.
Duration of the Foundation programs makes usually 24-32 weeks depending on level of knowledge of English and abilities of the candidate. Occupations are carried out in groups till 15-18 the person. Pupils study 5-8 subjects broken into blocks. For example, for natural sciences it there can be a mathematics, chemistry, physics, for commerce – economy, accounting, the right. In addition into each set enter English for the academic purposes and skills of work with the computer. If knowledge of English at you is not so good, it is recommended to pass in addition before the beginning of the standard program a 5-10-week course of English and introduction subjects ("introduction in computer use", etc.).
For transfer it is necessary to fill the statement and to send documents, among which copies of the certificate (diploma) certified and translated to English and транскрипт proslushenny courses, and also results of the TOEFL or IELTS tests.

Accommodation and work
If you come to study language (and the vast majority of students begin the acquaintance to the country with it), the first month is recommended to live in a family at least. It manages in AUD100-180 in a week, depending on the city and the area. For example, in Sydney for AUD100 it is possible to live only in remote suburbs, and in Brisbane – to remove housing in the city.
The majority of students by which 18 years were executed, after a month of accommodation in a family rent the apartment by sharing the cost. Apartment rent with furniture can cost from AUD150 in a week. And if to compare the prices in "McDonald’s" in the different countries, in the USA and Great Britain you will spend for a standard dinner of 5-6 dollars, and in Australia – it is twice less.
Having the possibility guaranteed by the law to work, students actively use it. To find work special agencies and departments help with educational institutions or even teachers. In the beginning, however, speech can go only about work as cleaners in hotels, dishwashers at restaurants, sellers at filling stations. The salary makes there all AUD7-8,5 in hour. But already with such rates, especially if to work on days off and in night shifts (Australians of it very much do not love and pay in that who agrees, a double rate) it is possible to earn AUD200-250. It quite will suffice on payment of a roof over the head and modest livelihood. And on the second – a third year students – especially those who studies hotel management, accounting, computer technologies, – can count on work in the specialty, and then their earnings grow in two-three times.
Jeanne studying the right and accounting in University of New South Wales tells: "I started to work as the seller of a little shop at a gas station and received all AUD7 in hour. Worked on days off, 16 hours – just within legal, very conveniently turned out. I worked there three years, had all awards for good servicing, and my rate reached AUD18 in hour. Then at our gas station the owner was replaced, and I left. Now I work as the accountant in the Australian company. Pay slightly less – AUD14 at an o’clock, but here I work on a profile".
Olympic Games became the real gift for students. A set of the vacancies formed in connection with carrying out this event both in organizing committee of Games, and in hotels, restaurants, foreign students filled just. The state declared vacation for carrying out games so students have an opportunity to work full working week. The most enterprising handed over to tourists apartments rented by them, having got over for a while to friends.

Unfortunately, to Australia it is hardly to receive the visa. The statistics argues that in 1999 in Russia about 600 demands for obtaining the student’s visa about 400 of which were satisfied were submitted. Before the Olympic Games the law which was even more toughening requirements to applicants from "the unsuccessful countries" (Non-Gazetted Countries) to which number Russia is carried also was passed.
Consideration of the application for obtaining the student’s visa in embassy of Australia in Moscow costs to AUD250. Process of consideration of documents lasts some weeks. At filing of application on the visa in embassy very carefully analyze your motives. Therefore special value gets personal statement on 1-2 pages in which you explain why want to study in Australia.
It should be noted that the Australian student’s visa grants it to the foreign owner practically all rights, except for a vote. He can work, buy real estate, open the business. But the most important that to it the state medical insurance which defrays all expenses on medical care except ophthalmology and stomatology is put.
However, to receive the student’s visa is only half-affairs, the main thing – it to save up. By the Australian legislation it can be cancelled for a number of reasons. The most widespread – work more than 20 hours per week. The second – the admission more than 20 % of occupations in a semester (it is average norm on the country, at some higher education institutions the, for example, at University of Sydney it is all лишь10 %). The third – concealment from Department of immigration of information on residence change. The fourth and the most serious – offense commission. There are even cases when the student who has made small theft, is deported in "iron bracelets". Only in one quarter of this year 128 student’s visas were cancelled for various reasons. Eight of them belonged to students from Russia.
So in Australia as, however, and everywhere, it is necessary to be able to behave. The country population of small, only 18 million people, and, according to Stas from Riga, "here everything knows the state about all". It is enough to make an oversight, to receive a drive in police (police record) – and your business "will be decorated" with a special mark. And the student’s visa lasts every year, and any fact at decision-making is considered.

Perhaps, flight is the most unpleasant feeling connected with Australia. To fly from Moscow more than 20 hours are necessary. Nonstop flights are not present, so you should spend still any time in a transit hall of the airport of Seoul, Tokyo or other city. The return ticket costs 1.200 – $1.500.
If you go to Australia, remember about its customs strangenesses. Australians, and not without justification, very much are afraid of any viruses and epidemics therefore it is forbidden to import any food into the country (except for the canned food packed in the factory way). For a stick of syrokopcheny sausage you can prosecute, as it happened with one student from Latvia. He assured jurors that sausage was put without his permission in a suitcase by mother, but it was sentenced all the same to a penalty in AUD200. Not under any circumstances it is impossible to import black caviar – Australia joined the international convention on protection sturgeon, therefore caviar in general beyond the law. If you bring as a gift flowers, them will begin to study almost under a microscope. And pets should live year (!) in quarantine therefore it is better to leave them houses.
I could more many interesting write about this surprising country, but the place in the magazine is alas limited. In the following numbers we will present you various Australian educational institutions. Also remember that Australia is the country in which everything only begins. This place, it is necessary where to be. There it is possible to catch "a big wave". And to fly up on it – is closer to the sun.

(an insert on fields)
What city of Australia to choose for training?
The biggest and multioccupied city of Australia is Sydney. There live 4 million people. Ogromny Bridge and opera theater of Sydney in the form of mumpish a wind of sails turned into the real symbols of Australia. And still there is extraordinary lovely bay Darling Harbour full of cafe and restaurants, the ancient region of Rocks in which the first stone houses, a beach of Bonday Beach and other excellent places were built. One of training pluses in this city – a variety. There are a lot of places where it is possible to go in the evening. It is a lot of vacancies, so, it is easy to find work. At last, there are a lot of Russian, there is a possibility without problems to find the company of compatriots for communication. Minuses – problems with transport. From cheap "sleeping" areas far to reach educational institutions and to the center.
Melbourne is an intellectual center of the country. It less Sydney also is extraordinary beautiful. Russian here it is much less, no less than educational institutions.
Brisbane – the city with the most suitable climate and fine beaches. Here within a year so few cold days that in some houses even are not present heating. The sizes of the city are that that it is possible to go from the place of residence to higher education institution by a bicycle. It is the musical capital of Australia (for example, the Savage Garden group left from here). Russian in this city practically are not present.
Adelaide is constructed among the woods. Very small and quiet town.
At last, there are small towns on Gold Kost where it is possible to study in colleges and on days off to be engaged in surfing, enjoying all delights of the resort. However, as well as in any resort, life there is expensive.

Additional information
Rating of the Australian universities –
Holmes College –
Russo Institute of ethnology –
University of Sydney –
University of New South Wales –
Bond University –
Griffith University –
Macquarie University –
Table 1. 15 best Australian universities (***** and **** in a Sydney Morning Herald newspaper rating for 2001)
Name Year of foundation
Category *****
University of Sydney 1851
University of Melbourne 1853
University of Adelaide 1874
University of Queensland 1909
University of Western Australia 1911
Australian National University 1946
University of New South Wales 1949
Monash University 1964
Category ****
Macquarie University 1964
Flinders University 1966
Wollongong University 1975
Curtin University of Technology 1987
Queensland University of Technology 1989
University of Technology Sydney 1990
RMIT University 1992
Source: The Good Universities Guide
Table 2. Average cost of some programs of training
The Cost program, $ one thousand a year
Foundation 3,5-5
Baccalaureate programs 6-9
Master programs 7-9
Doctor’s programs 8-9,5

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