Diving in Australia

Diving in Australia

Diving in Australia, probably, dream of any fan to swim for a while with an aqualung. Uncountable reeves, the huge ocean, improbably beautiful and various underwater world – here it is real dayversky paradise.

Reef to Ningala

By all means glance to the reserve Ningala. The underwater world here strikes with violence of paints and representatives of underwater community: 200 types of graceful firm corals, 50 grades soft and simply improbable quantity of fishes – nearly 500 types. The turtles who are gracefully soaring practically at a surface slopes-manty, naughty dolphins and quiet sea cows will accompany you during fascinating immersion.

Mornington’s peninsula

Here some interesting dayv-sites. And the first – Port-Fillip-Heds which surprising world will open before you after a short trip (only an hour from Melbourne). Sea horses and the cuttlefishes disappearing behind the ink spots, stinging slopes and sea hedgehogs, surprising tryapichnik and bright grupper for a long time remain in your memoirs. Having gone down on more solid depths, it is possible to look on рэки – the submarines which have left on a bottom still at the time of World War I.

Track of divers

So eleven dayv-sites, the following one by one are called. They are located on east coast of Tasmania. Pure a surprising turquoise shade water is absolutely transparent, therefore visibility reaches 40 meters in depth. The bay Vobs-Baye with numerous sea horses, then the sea reserve «Governor’s island» where you by all means will like congestions of a tsezioperka and anemones, and will be farther the island De Fok, with the unique caves which have become the house for a huge colony of seals. By all means make immersion in Troy-Dee, nearby to the island Maria and surely visit reeves and caves of Votorfol-Bey. And Fortescue’s brown algas – Beat, reminding dense thickets, hid interesting рэк – the steamship "North" which has left to a bottom in 1925.


The small fishing settlement is famous for that at its coast the colony of the sea lions who have almost disappeared from the face of the earth lives. And here you can observe them in a native habitat, and even to swim for a while with them. Animals are very friendly adjusted and not to be afraid at all of divers. Here turn also flocks of the unruly dolphins, ready to play with you infinitely long.

Harbor of Darwin the Excellent dayv-site if you rek-immersions interest. Here simply improbable quantity of remains of the ships dated by times of World War II. And today carpet sharks, barracudas, coral salmons and perches of surprising silvery color here live.

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