Seas of Australia

Seas of Australia

The farthest continent occupies only five percent from all territory of a land on a planet and costs on the sixth place on the area among world powers. All is interesting to tourists here: both unique fauna, and impressing natural sights, and the seas of Australia washing it of the coast.

It is a little geography

The continent drifting in the Southern hemisphere has nearly 60 thousand km of the coastline together with islands. On a question, what seas in Australia, the geographical atlas answers, calling names far and mysterious Timorsky, Arafursky, Tasmanova and Coral the seas. The first in this list treats the basin of the Indian Ocean, and the others belong to the water area Silent.
The Timor Sea separates the northern coast of Australia from the island of Timor, and the largest Australian port on its coast is the city of Darwin. The Timor Sea incorporates with Arafursky which is well known to fans of oysters. Exactly here their huge colonies are located, and waters of the Arafura Sea daily involve those who is engaged in production of popular seafood.
What sea washes Australia and divides it with islands of New Zealand? Tasmanovo, whose waters stretch from the South for the North more than on 2800 km. It is called in honor of the Dutch seafarer. Abel Tasman the first among inhabitants of the Old World reached local coast.

Diving on a dream reef

Northern and northeast parts of the continent are washed by the Coral Sea in which unique natural education – the Big Barrier reef settles down. It is the biggest on a planet, and its extent exceeds 2,5 thousand km. The reef is visible from space, and its value in the nature is so great that UNESCO included it in the program of the protection.
On the Big Barrier reef there are some of the most popular resorts:

  • The island Lizard, whose hotels one of the most expensive and luxurious on a reef. Local diving is recognized as the best entertainment outdoors according to the Lonely Planet version, and rest options for those who does not like to dive, are presented in the widest range.
  • Heron’s island, whose white sand on beaches adequately competes with Caribbean, and service – with Maldivian. Helicopter and underwater excursions here are replaced by tastings of the best local wines, and night immersions do diving especially romantic.
  • The island Dank is preferred by married couples and tourists with children. Here the most democratic prices and mass of possibilities to observe butterflies and birds in their native habitat.

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