Study and work in Australia.

Study and work in Australia.

In recent years interest to exotic Australia increased not only from the Russian tourists, but also the young people, wishing to get a good education in this country.
Australia – the country immigrant, created by immigrants, therefore traditionally open for foreigners. Life (exactly, as well as study) there is cheaper, than in Europe or America.
Considering growing interest to training in Australia, some higher education institutions (universities of Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk state, two universities in Rostov-on-Don, Plekhanovsky Academy) signed contracts with universities of Australia (University of Western Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, Macquarie Universsiti). Rub – four years the student study at the first step of university, receives the bachelor’s degree, then goes to a magistracy where highly specialized education begins. In a magistracy it is possible to study from one year to three. Wishing to continue career go to doctoral studies.
In academic year – two semester, the first begins in February. The second – in July. The Russian students can start to study from any semester. On the average year of training at university costs US$6000. Universities state (from 38 Australian higher education institutions private only two), are financed generally from the federal budget to enter the university, it is necessary to know well English and to correspond to requirements of educational institution. It is necessary to send to university транскрипт, that is official transfer of an extract from the record book with the indication of a number of hours at each course. Certainly, the your GPA is higher, the it is more than chances to be accepted. Foreign entrants are obliged to pass the language test (TOEFL or IELTS). To make it it is possible at home or already in Australia where you all the same should pass interview before final transfer in university.
In Australia there are more than hundred linguistic centers with the diverse courses: colloquial or business English, preparation for receipt in university, professional development for teachers of language etc. All courses assume five hours of language daily. Private language colleges unite in so-called associations. For example, the Australian College of English (EXPERT) of Billi Blue School, TLCC English Language College, Holmes College, Kent College, Australian Centre for Languages belongs at once to two such associations – ELITE and ELICOS that is an indicator of its level (all associations check quality of training programs of the colleges). Language preparation in college is very useful to future student: first, it "will tighten" English, secondly, upon termination of a course almost with guarantee will hand over TOEFL, thirdly, will accustom to the country before intensive study in higher education institution will begin. Cost of week of training in the linguistic centers – from 150 to 250 US dollars depending on college and the chosen course.

Foreign students solve a housing problem in Australia as follows: in advance month of accommodation in a family is paid, and after this month you decide that you have more to taste – a family, a room in a hostel or the apartment which can be removed half-and-half with other pupil, than shared accomodation (the last option is most widespread in the student’s environment). From Eastern Europe and the former USSR since 1993 the Kangati organization is engaged in placement of pupils. On the average accommodation in a family with a full board costs from 130 to 200 dollars. To rent a room without a food it is possible for 70 dollars.
The long-term educational visa (more than 3 months) will grant to the foreigner in Australia the right to be employed at once after arrival to the country (that is not provided neither in Europe, nor in the USA). However, there is a restriction: it is possible to work no more than 20 hours per week, otherwise the authorities find that your main objective – at all education, and then the visa can and cancel. (Similar trouble, by the way, can happen and in case you will pass more than 10 percent of occupations). Standard types of a podrabotka – in shops, hotels, restaurants are available to the student. Pay usually on 8-15 dollars at an o’clock (an official minimum). That who well knows language and has any qualification, of course, to find more interesting and highly paid work more simply. On the average enterprising students earn in a week from 150 to 400 dollars.

The Australian visa policy does not allow the foreigner to arrive to the country, and, having suddenly felt thirst for knowledge, to go to study. The tourist visa within the country does not last, therefore if you plan to study more than three months, take care of obtaining the long-term visa in Russia. Apply for the educational visa the one who registered on "registered", that is approved as the state and course officially available to foreigners can only.
As Russia is not included into number of the countries to which citizens "the green wave" on entrance is provided, before paying training, it is necessary to address in embassy where your chances of receipt of a visa will be estimated. Criteria are simple: the knowledge of language should correspond to requirements of that training program which you chose, the program should though somehow to correspond with in what you are engaged (or plan to be engaged) in Russia; you should prove that you have enough means for payment of education and residence in Australia (it is supposed what completely to contain yourself, earning additionally, you cannot); at last, the embassy should believe that your purpose is not illegal immigration. You should provide the following documents: the filled questionnaire, the letter from educational institution in Australia, confirming your preliminary record, the international passport, a x-copy of the internal passport, the photo, the letter from a work or study place and a copy of all certificates available for you about education. To pay training it is necessary only after the embassy in writing recommends you it.
Among other things, you should pass medical board and to issue the medical insurance. The Australian cultural center in Moscow is not present, negotiations with Australia roads, correspondence will be occupied by a lot of time. Directly to leave on educational institution moreover to define its level very difficult. Therefore to entrust paperwork costs to the relevant agency or the organization where to you will provide information on the Australian educational institutions and will consult on questions interesting you.

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