Culture of Australia

Culture of Australia

The state of Australia located separately and occupying the whole continent – the popular tourist direction at those who already visited the half-world and decided to please itself with something especially exotic. Here own, distinct from others animal and flora, magnificent natural reserves and the special national traditions underlying culture of Australia. It was formed as a result of harmonious mixture of cultures of the European immigrants and indigenous people.

Literature as society mirror

Development of a literary genre of culture of Australia can be divided into three stages conditionally. The beginning of its formation falls on the first years of the XIX century when successors of English literary traditions locate on the far continent. By the end of century writers of Australia all are more distinctly declined in the creativity to national nature of works, in and the XX century in connection with lifting of democratic movement of the book become more and more realistic, and their plots even more often reflect usual life of Australians.
Severe everyday life of the people brightest represented in the short stories T.Collins and G. Lawson, and about burdens of immigrant life authentically told in J novels. G. Robertson.

Victorian style and shine of a new era

Influence of architectural traditions of England in culture of Australia found the reflection in building of the cities. The XIX century was marked by construction of mansions in full accordance with canons of georgiansky style. Constructions had a simple form, but looked quite thoroughly. The main lines, characteristic for houses of that time – the fan-lights decorating a facade, and symmetrically located chimney pipes. To admirers of architectural sights in Australia is, on what to look:

  • Beacon on the cape Youzhny of work of architect Francis Greenway.
  • Temples St. Iakova in Sydney and St. Matfey in Windsor.
  • Elizabeth Bey House’s mansion.
  • Parliament building in staff Victoria.
  • St. Patrick’s cathedral in Melbourne.

Melbourne became sosredotochiy the buildings constructed in the Victorian style. For it some grandiosity and massiveness are characteristic. Columns are cut from a stone, the stucco molding and towers with domes give to constructions a rich look, for what the Victorian constructions in Australia received a nickname of "wedding pies".
Modern architectural constructions on the far continent also draw special attention. It is enough to mention a building of the Sydney opera or Harbor Bridge.

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