Edge of nepugany birds with nostrils on a tip of a beak

Edge of nepugany birds with nostrils on a beak tip

Edge of nepugany birds with nostrils on a tip of a beak After demonstration of "Lord of the Rings", the smart screen version of the world famous fairy tale epic of R. Tolkien which all events are developed against bewitching eyes of the New Zealand landscapes (director Peter Jackson – the New Zealander) to argue on an enchanting variety and unusual beauty of the local nature somehow indecently – everyone can be convinced itself. And this country slowly draws to itself the increasing attention of world community – the economy gets stronger, educational level raises. New Zealand not without justification applies for a special place in the region South East Asia – Oceania, that is restricts more powerful competitor – Australia a little.

The kiwi is sounds is proud!
Having looked at the map of New Zealand, it is possible to learn at once a lot of things about this state. Here names of the cities. On the one hand – short history of the British Empire, here to you and the duke Wellington (it is clear, the capital), and the lord Hamilton (well, this more small), and lord Palmerston, for some reason northern (that threatened Russia with "an index finger"), and New Plymouth, and without any additives Oakland, and, of course, Christoff’s Church. And with another – radical Tauranga, Dunedin, Invercargill, Hokitika. Englishmen came to this earth at the very end of the XVIII century though the first European – Abel Tasman – "opened" New Zealand, and at the same time and designated it as again found province of Holland in 1642. However by this time the country was already where as is manned and rendered habitable by tribes of Maori – too arrived here on the sea from the Pacific islands. Also it is called where the poetichny – Aoteorea (The country of a long white cloud). Locals in six hundred years got gradually used to local delights and to give them to Englishmen did not want. Maori – children aggressive, large, and efforts to British delivered much. Only in 1840 leaders of Maori signed the peace treaty of Vaytangi. However, lands, the woods, the fisheries belonging to Maori on the contract, Europeans at them selected further – punishing stroptivets for disobedience and misunderstanding of an English property right. These disputes finally are not settled and still as the majority of Maori lives compactly and conducts rather traditional way of life. However, that fact that 12 % of the territory of the country make national parks, and ecological cares – almost main priority of the New Zealand domestic policy, facilitates the decision "problems of natives" at modern civilized level.
After leaders of political correctness – Americans – New Zealanders thought up remarkable formulations: "euronew Zealanders" and "New Zealand Maori". The last use, naturally, certain privileges. Let’s tell, the highest and average educational institutions with pride specify percent of students – "New Zealand Maori" – in the spirit of internationalization and globalization what, by the way, are considered as the main "calls" facing local educational system. And in general locals name themselves a kiwi.
If for us a kiwi first of all fruit, for natives (both euro – and Maori-) a kiwi – the bird, a small ostrich with rather short feet and the long nose with nostrils on the end which behaves in accuracy as chicken and is at the same time national symbol. Kiwis birds gad everywhere at all of a kiwi people are not afraid.

About flora, fauna and the most important…
New Zealanders not without justification consider the nature the main national property therefore it protect. And at the same time and all other environment, including and artificial. Therefore the first that strikes the European who has arrived here (and about Russian and there is nothing to speak), – improbable purity of streets, roads and paths, palisadnichok, beaches and other vacation spots. It thus that transport infrastructure here almost at German level. And kiwis people prefer to drive about everywhere on the car. Two hundred sixty kilometers along the ocean on the Southern picturesque road (Southern Scenic Road) – impress? And on two with superfluous thousands meters up – on a ski resort (the truth, the last some kilometers – gravel, but is mountains)? The kiwi can be understood – to move up and down the New Zealand territory – incomparable pleasure with "Baunti".
Not only that two islands – Northern and Southern – originally show climatic contrast, in New Zealand there are almost English green hills and meadows (there and the well-known local sheep and cows are grazed), mountains with eternal snow (to 4 thousand meters), a volcanic origin (Tongariro and still vigorously smokes), wild tropical Bush and the wood. And still geysers, hot mineral springs, lakes, falls.
To such country a sin not to involve tourists. As becomes rather actively. However, in view of proximity of the distances, New Zealand advertizes itself as tourist paradise generally to Japanese, Koreans, Australians (deprived of mountains). Russians a Terra incognito began to master this only recently. But there are already solid achievements. There are even Internet sites where travelers share impressions and give a lot of practical advice to those who goes for the first time to New Zealand. Than New Zealand attracts "ours". Here a fragment of one of especially private descriptions of stay in this country from many, kindly provided to the author:" I think, the person who has arrived to Zealand from any city and from any country, will find here something native, probably, only purity around will not be compared to anything. These small lodges with gardens remind England, fogs on morning – not only to Englishmen, but also inhabitants of seaside regions of Russia – will remind edge lovely to heart. And the great number of the Koreans getting education in New Zealand, let’s miss to a sakhalinets or хабаровчанину. Blagoveshchentsa at all will not notice a difference, having seen an abundance of all Chinese, only on some orders is higher (I mean quality of the goods). And those Muscovites which usually, to drive from mountains, go to Switzerland and to get warm on the sun, fly to Cyprus or to Egypt, here easily at any time years can take pleasure in the morning in descent from snow mountains, and after a dinner поплескаться in waves of the warm ocean. People as will eat fruit from Saratov, only thus they do not need to dig in the gardens and kitchen gardens, after all fruit and vegetables here are more expensive not of 1,5 New Zealand dollars for kg. The Petersburger or the inhabitant of Sochi will dispel the melancholy for the sea, having walked on a magnificent beach. The coast is in general something unusual: such feeling that is paradise slice where you suddenly came to be".
And nevertheless the main thing – the nature. Tree ferns grow in the most reserved part of the country, that dinosaurs chewed still. Is and survived tiny (but not the two-inch – it is essential more) a dinosaur – a shipasty lizard туатара. Huge snails too creeping antiquity. That it was more convenient to tourists to get acquainted with fauna, sometimes resort to shifts. On the island of Otago there live colonies of the sweetest birds – yellow-eyed penguins (here and to Antarctica not far). Bird remarkably amusing, but timid. And here, that it to observe, made special observation decks to which conduct underground tunnels – dream of the video fan.
Architecture of New Zealand low as it is possible to guess, not too ancient (not that flora and fauna). Therefore everything that is more senior than hundred years, kiwis are proud. In the Oakland museum of painting by all means will tell that it was based 1888 (here after all when!) . The lop-sided Moyeransky beacon will compare to the Tower of Pisa – after all too falls. However, speak, it from the very beginning was erected crooked. A rural estate in English style call loudly – the Larnakhsky lock. But it is a part of that local call kiviysky style. Kiviysky style includes also traditional hospitality: here you will not call on a visit with 16.45 till 17.13, as in old kind England. Here men, inviting the lady in restaurant, are going to pay a dinner for two, instead of to calculate with the calculator the share. Here assume that on a big party – and they anyway look like more often picnic (on a beach, in mountains, at falls, on a house lawn) – guests will bring with themselves only binge, and snack – business of owners. A kiwi – great admirers of sports, from surfing and windsurfing to mountain skis and a bandzhi-jump ("tarzanka"). Sports all extreme, demanding big courage and fair physical preparation. To be the athlete – too kiviysky style. In general, here it is accepted to be mate, on a kiwi English (and such is, dictionaries of words and expressions are issued even, characteristic for English of New Zealand) it "good fellow", and in normal English "means the satellite, the assistant". Do conclusions about what lines the New Zealanders consider as the main signs of "molodechestvo".
Here, can, it and attracts Russians to New Zealand more than exotic animal and flora, a fantastic variety of landscapes, an abundance of Japanese and Chinese cuisine and fine Australian and South African wines.

Love money – a source of knowledge
Edge of nepugany birds with nostrils on a tip of a beak
There is also one more attractive fact – low cost. However, it relative. Naturally, an arrival (about the priplyty I do not speak) – pleasure not from cheap. But also not from the most expensive to inhabitants of the Far East. After all there are also charter flights. But here other deals appear pleasant. Tremendous with comfort (against, first of all, Asian) numbers of the New Zealand hotels supplied with all set of electrical equipment, are more expensive usually not of NZD90 in day (NZD1 = $0,41). A breakfast in cafe – NZD9-12. A dinner at the Chinese or Japanese restaurant from NZD30. The clothes if to be limited cheap (but incomparably better, than at us, Chinese), will manage in as much, in how many manage in the Cherkizovsky market. Slightly more expensively – electronic equipment, if it not Chinese, but local production. The public transport is very cheap. Second-hand cars stand as much, how many in the Moscow shops, but are unlike more reliable, usually from South East Asia. The price for alcohol seldom rises above NZD25. Local beer costs cheaper "Botchkarev’s" circles in average Moscow the beer. Here unless tobacco products at the prices come nearer to the British option. The Russian who has got to such paradise involuntarily reflects: and whether it is impossible to prolong pleasure somehow. And him start to tempt – study.
The matter is that New Zealand actively positions itself in own region as the second guarantor after Australia the British quality of training. This policy naturally answers the developed environment – draft of Asian young people from technologically developed countries ("tigers") to thorough, traditional English school and that is, maybe, even more important – to English. And here just the New Zealand neighbor – with this educational system. In New Zealand some universities. The oldest, the famous – Oakland, is still Massey, Otago, Uaykato, Canterbury (local, not abbey branch). Some polytechnical institutes (Christchurch, East, Youzhny, Uaykato). And at everyone there is a training center to English. The tendency is clear. Clever kiwis after Englishmen start up education for export, and already on all tastes and age. More than hundred schools offer services in receiving an average, secondary vocational education and the same English. And not unreasonably convince, as to study in New Zealand cheaper. Really, if to compare the plate of expenses on payment of manuals, a student’s card, membership of student’s association, public transport, a dinner and a cup of coffee, a course, examinations in the USA and New Zealand, all – except manuals, the same $500 – will manage in one and a half-two time cheaper. Plus to that, to the New Zealand higher education institutions admit on competition of certificates, plus to volume to the students disaccustomed two years, give opportunity of a podrabotka. Though the kiwi education is focused generally on the Asian East, our compatriots too started to understand the benefit.
Thus there are some specialties to which in New Zealand teach is not best of all almost in the world. It is ecology of the wood and forestry, some branches of veterinary science. The local school of construction and finishing design rather highly is quoted. Not to mention studying of languages of the people of Oceania. In general here prefer applied disciplines and have everything that is necessary: both business college, and hotel college, etc.
Novozeladsky education essentially increases chances to remain in this fine country as the immigration policy provides mark system (as in Canada), and points increase for experts of the supernecessary professions or for working in New Zealand. By the way, and the prices for real estate here low, however, the land lots are not so cheap. But the house for $30 thousand – reality.
By the way, in the nice city of Oakland there is an amateur football club "Spartak". Recently forward Dobrov again hammered a wonderful goal. And numerous fans, swinging red-white banners, shouted: "All over the world is not present while team it is better than "Spartak"!". On the following match tickets are not sold yet. Do not pass…

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