Coat of arms of Australia

Coat of arms of Australia

As in due time these far lands were under protectorate of Great Britain, the coat of arms of Australia could not be born without participation of English monarchs. Officially it is considered that the country received the first main symbol thanks to favor of king Edward VII, and there was it in far 1908.

And in 1912 the country was granted the new coat of arms, this time by king George V though the old continued to "be used" as early as years fifty, in particular, it was printed on шестипенсовиках, local change coins.

Short description of the coat of arms of the Australian Union

As Australia represents the union of the states equal in rights, which only six, it should be reflected in the image of the coat of arms. It represents a board divided into six parts, in each of which the coat of arms of this or that staff takes place.

From above over a board «the Commonwealth Star» settles down so-called, it has seven beams, six of them symbolize states, and the seventh – as though represents Australia and its territories. This element settles down over burelety, being popular heraldic element. On the Australian coat of arms it is executed in primary colors, gold and dark blue.

In initial value бурелет – the roller made of cloth which put on over a helmet of the knight and softened blows in fight. Late emergence of this element on a board meant that the knight – the real soldier as took part in battles.

The main animals on the coat of arms of Australia

The board is supported by a big red kangaroo and an emu, it is clear without explanations why these representatives of fauna chose for the image on the coat of arms. Both kangaroos, and an ostrich of an emu in wildlife meet only on this continent. Figuratively they are aboriginals of the country.

There is also one more symbolical explanation why the choice fell on these animals. It is considered that they are able to move only forward (symbolical movement of the country forward) though biologists argue, as an emu, and kangaroos are able to move and back, but only extremely seldom resort to this way of movement.

Informal parts of the coat of arms

The main symbol considered only a board with the coats of arms of states. But in full option the board is located against an acacia, is supported by animals who correspond to the main motto: «Forward, Australia!», though if to translate literally, the phrase sounds slightly differently – «Australia, be improved». This motto and the basis also are not a part of the official coat of arms.

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