Five stars in a window.

Five stars in a window

Five stars in a window. The people who have visited Australia, tell that upon return of home hear from acquaintances almost same questions: "you saw a kangaroo?", "speak, in Australia so many koalas, what they already обгрызли all foliage divorced?". And in general — for what natives ate Cook? But soon, breaking stereotypes, we will ask arrived with "the Southern Earth": "You there studied?" Because one of the most remarkable features of this country far from us — its fine education system inherited from Englishmen. Colleges and universities of Australia have high academic indicators and rank with American and European, and to pay for study it is necessary less.

Australian educational "short flight of stairs" includes five main levels of training: preschool preparation, elementary school, high school, professional education, the higher education and postdegree education. Now foreign citizens can study on any of these levels, except the preschool.
There are some reasons on which Australia choose for study. First, it is inexpensive (in comparison with the world prices), secondly, the Australian diplomas admit all countries, and thirdly — and it, perhaps, the most important — to students in Australia is authorized to work. Usually students earn additionally in a services sector. Pay a little, all expenses, of course, not to pay back, but earned quite suffices on accommodation and a food. Besides, the podrabotka during study gives the chance to find a good place in the future. And still: Australians are very interested in perspective experts and inflow of "brains" from abroad. So at the students who have successfully graduated from the university or business school in Australia, chances there are very great to remain. Since July 1, 1999 the new law according to which graduates of higher education institutions and business colleges at desire can obtain nationality is passed.
At some universities and colleges recently even there were special services — job access which task to help the student to find work (see No. 9 (10), page 40). At the same time universities adapt the programs for conditions and requirements of the market that allows students to be competitive more and more.
Besides, universities sign contracts with the large companies about joint preparation of students. The essence that the company takes the undergraduate on paid training and when it finishes study, is offered to it permanent job with a quite good starting salary (for example, $60000 a year). But, however, work is received not by all but only those who is better than others proved during training, showed an initiative, diligence, a good education.
It is necessary to remember that the student has the right to work only 20 hours per week — differently it will immediately deduct from educational institution and will send back home. One more important point: since the end of last year the student’s visa automatically does not give the right to work (as it was earlier). It appeared wishing of the unsuccessful countries to drive to Australia too much, to get job and to remain. About any study of speech did not go. Therefore now immigration services issue the work permit on arrival to the country and upon presentation of the document from institute or the college confirming that you there really study (or, at least, started to study).
In procedure of obtaining the student’s visa of basic changes did not occur. The student’s visa stands out for the term from three months. For shorter term the usual tourist visa (to her owner it is impossible to work) is put. To receive the student’s visa, it is necessary to prove that you really go to study, in detail to tell where that and why, to present information on the background (education, language level, marital status) to explain, from where money for study, and — the main thing — to pay the chosen course. All this information is surely checked (up to, whether there lives the person to the specified address). In addition, each applicant for the Australian visa (student’s or tourist) should pass physical examination at the doctors accredited by embassy, and results should be confirmed by doctors of Australia.
If everything is made correctly and information authentic, the visa can issue within one and a half months. Period of validity of the visa will precisely correspond to duration of study. The special code which is put down on the visa, contains information on the student goes to what educational institution and for what time. To change educational institution and training term without really serious reasons it is impossible (earlier the owner of the student’s visa could move quite freely from one school to another). In the visa the medical insurance — Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is put down. This obligatory state insurance costs not much — 148 Australian dollars on half a year, and covers almost everything, up to childbirth and abortions (except services of the dentist and the ophthalmologist). In more detail about process of obtaining the student’s visa read in No. 3 (4), 10 (11).

To say about that for study in Australia it is necessary to know English, even it is indecent. It and is so obvious. Another thing is that if you do not know it, the road to Australia to you is not ordered. It is possible to go for a start on a language course.
Such courses, except specialized language schools for foreigners, will organize almost all colleges and universities of Australia. In abbreviated form all programs on English in Australia are called as ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses to Overseas Students). The most part of educational institutions, their offering, is included into ELICOS association which, as well as the similar organizations in other countries, acts as the guarantor of quality of programs. Usually training program shares on 7 levels: from zero to the free. After arrival you at once will test and will define in the group corresponding to your preparation.
Let’s notice that the minimum reasonable term for a trip on courses to Australia — month. Otherwise the meaning is lost: the ticket appears more expensively than the course, the country plainly will not manage to make out, will not have a rest and language will not be learned and the short-term visa is more difficult for receiving. Shorter programs — the linguistic travel combining sports and entertainments with language practice — are usually recommended as addition to standard English courses at school. It is clear that the more term, the is higher result and efficiency from occupations. And if you go on special programs (preparations for examinations of TOEFL and IELTS, courses "English for the academic purposes", etc.) be unequivocally put for some months.
The majority of colleges and universities offer the combined courses: English at the same time with the professional or academic program. Such option is very convenient: having started to study language in college or university, you over time — without changing a dislocation — can pass to more serious disciplines. One more plus of this option — you should not pass examination in English (to IELTS or TOEFL). This "chain" even more often joins also independent language schools: they conclude the agreement with educational institutions and will organize courses which open access to partner college or university.
One educational week at language school costs on the average 225-290 Australian dollars. Plus accommodation: 200 dollars — in a family with a two times food, 120-150 dollars — in a campus, 80-100 dollars — if to rent the apartment or a room.

In Australia, as well as in England, along with public schools there are private boards with joint or separate training of boys and girls. In some of them foreign children can study from 8 years, but the most reasonable option to send the 15-year-old child to prepare in university. One year of training at the Australian school (with a full board) costs 11.000-25.000 dollars. In principle, for receipt in the Australian school it is enough to fill a form statement, to send the characteristic and the sheet from a present place of study, to confirm knowledge of English and to bring an initial contribution. Prestigious and specialized private schools arrange entrance examinations — to get to them not so simply.
It is important to mean that the school program is established by each staff independently and can vary considerably from the region to the region. But, nevertheless, there is also the general.
Usually in elementary grades of high school study key disciplines — English, the mathematics, natural sciences — they are included into the category obligatory, as well as physical culture. There are also open classrooms: foreign languages, music, history, geography and others. In the senior classes of high school the special subjects which knowledge will help to find subsequently work are added or to continue professional education. Instead of them it is possible to take simply additional general educational subjects if you plan to enter the university after school.
In Australia for foreigners are open both private, and public schools. Another thing is that in Russia both that and others are insufficiently well-known, and our provided parents do not hurry up to send there the children. Also because somehow boyazno to send the child so far. Nevertheless, on forecasts of the Russian educational agencies which have started actively to master Australia, number of Russians at the Australian high schools soon will increase.
Upon termination of the 11th class school students receive the certificate (Higher School Certificate) corresponding to the British A-level. The last, 12th year — unessential. It for those who prepares for receipt in university or technical institute. The assessment exposed upon termination of school, is called "A rating for receipt in higher educational institutions" (TER) and is one of the most important criteria considered at transfer in university. The rating of TER is deduced on the basis of the estimates received in the 11th class and at final examination in the 12th class. A scale of points of a rating — from 1 to 100.
Certificates about leaving school are called differently in different states, and the question of their unification only is discussed. But all of them equally admit. Recently at some Australian schools to pupils of graduation classes started to offer the program of the international bachelor degree (IB) as alternative of the traditional school program. IB is calculated on 2 years. Originally the IB programs were developed for children of immigrants whom, moving with parents from one country to another, experienced difficulties at change of system of training.
The IB program provides studying of two traditional blocks of disciplines: humanitarian and natural sciences. Studying of two foreign languages is obligatory. Are especially popular in the Australian school students Spanish, French, Japanese, German and Chinese. The program includes one obligatory discipline from four subject groups: mathematics, experimental sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, environment), individual and society (history, geography, information technologies, business, etc.) and art (design, music, theater etc.).
By and large, to choose a study place for the child in Australia, it is better to go there. But afford it everyone can not. And here experience of others, first of all the professional, educational agencies working with the Australian educational institutions can appear the very useful. The Australian educational company Students International World-Wide, for example, offers parents such service. At first your children go on a 10-20-week course of English (except those who already handed over TOFEL or IELTS). Upon termination of a course you or go to Australia and together with the employee of the company choose school, or completely trust this choice of SIWW. As it is possible to choose and university.
Under the law minor foreign school students in Australia need the trustee. It is necessary at the right time to be helped by a row and to the child in a difficult situation. The trustee bears full responsibility for the child. Guardianship will run into money — a minimum about 1.250 in a year. It is best of all to look for trustees through special tutorial agency — you will be given out "reception parents" with experience and good reputation.
Successful leaving school at all does not guarantee automatic transfer in university which is carried out in dependence not only on estimates, but also on quantity of empty seats in the chosen higher education institution. But those who was not lucky, can go on other way. Australian education system very flexible. It is the system of 12 qualifications known under the name Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF, see the scheme on page 61). Unlike other countries, qualifications represent links of one chain: the student can move from the basis to top different ways. Speaking it is generalized, all post-secondary education in Australia shares on attestative courses with issue of the certificate (6 months), advanced attestative courses (1 year), degree programs (1-2 years), an initial university course with award of degree of the bachelor (2-3 years), postdegree education with award of degree of the master and the doctor (1-3 years).
To appear at university it is possible, for example, having finished one of educational institutions of professional education.

In Australia there are two main types of professional educational institutions — private colleges both the state technical colleges and institutes of TAFE system (Technical and Further Education).
The majority of private colleges specializes in one or several areas connected with this or that industry. They give out 6 types of documents on education: certificates of I, II, III and IV degrees, diploma (Diploma) and the highest diploma (Advanced Diploma). The branched-out TAFE system includes programs of different level — from literacy bases to the courses conducting to the highest diploma (corresponds to university degree of the bachelor).
In college it is possible to arrive after the 11th class of school (or with the Russian certificate). Unlike university programs, more the general and giving theoretical base for future profession, the TAFE program prepare students for work on a concrete place.
However many foreigners arrive in educational institutions of this type also to be prepared in university.
The TAFE system includes more than 250 educational institutions. Many of them, besides professional programs, offer English language courses lasting from 5 weeks about one year. It is possible to go and on short-term refresher courses (week seminars), but it is better to get after all complete 3-year education with issue of the highest diploma. With this diploma it is possible to arrive at once in postgraduate study.
TAFE institutes offer degree programs in the field of tourism and hotel business, a business management, marketing, information technologies. Huge plus of TAFE — the low price for training (from 5.000 in a year).
There are also shorter degree programs giving to their owners quite good chances in employment. In college it is possible to receive diplomas in management, marketing, computer sciences, business administration, hotel business, travel business, office-work, accounting for few years.
Private colleges of Australia are famous for a high education level. In the conditions of the competition with state they are compelled to do the best programs, to offer new courses, to be more flexible and meeting requirements of the market. The majority of their programs provides obligatory training during study — there students receive necessary skills and look for work.
For example, in connection with the Olympic Games-2000 and a large number of actions, to it dated, the need for experts for hotel business and the industry of reception and entertainment of guests from abroad (hospitality industry) considerably increases. However, such experts are necessary always and everywhere as hospitality industry promptly develops around the world. So study at schools and colleges of hotel and travel business very also is very perspective.
If the graduate enters the university, to it the subjects passed in college are automatically set off. Training cost from 7.100 to 9.000 in a year. Occupations begin in February and July.

If you never were in Australia and you have no special geographical preferences, a question where specifically to go, can seem to you not to the especially actual. The Australian universities are located on all continent. But the greatest choice of the state and private educational institutions — in Sydney and Melbourne, two largest cities of Australia, the centers of culture, a science, business and the industry. Therefore that who is focused on formation of the international level and work in the large companies who simply wants to be in the life center, it is possible to advise to go for study to these cities. Small provincial universities more специализированы — there it is necessary to go behind any certain profession, for example, a profession of the veterinarian or the ecologist of a narrow profile.
Though the vast majority of universities of Australia state (37 of 39), adhere to the general standards and offer a similar set of courses, the difference between them after all is.
The oldest universities created in the middle of the past and the beginning of our century, bear names of states and the cities: University of Sydney (1850), University of Melbourne (1855), University of Adelaide, University of Queensland, University of Western Australia. They are well-known for the most prestigious faculties of the right and medicine on which it is very difficult to get, especially to foreigners. Old universities became a part of society, scientific and cultural life of the country. At such universities well teach fundamental sciences, hardly there it is necessary to study the same hotel management.
Many new universities were formed of polytechnical institutes and colleges. For example, the known Melbourn university RMIT grew from the working college (Working Men’s College) based still in 1887. They, on the contrary, develop the modern directions more: economy and business, information and computer technologies, engineering, art and design, etc.
Quite widespread case when as a whole the inconspicuous university has outstanding faculties. For example, Swinburne University in Melbourne is known for very strong faculty of journalism, especially television office.
The state control allows to support level, quality of training programs and the stable prices for them. Training on the average costs 10.000-11.000 Australian dollars the year, some specialties (for example the economy, the right, the financial right, medicine) are more expensive — 12.000-14.000 dollars a year. Besides a tuition fee, about 8.000 dollars a year on food, housing, the visa, an insurance, tickets, contributions is required at submission of documents and an other expenses. The most part of all these expenses as it was told, it is possible to compensate for the account of the earned means.
Higher educational institutions of Australia issue educational documents of different level.
The diploma — two years of training on a full-time department.
The highest diploma — three years of training on a full-time department (these two diplomas can be received and at TAFE institutes).
Degree of the bachelor — at least three years of training on a full-time department (in some cases — four, for example, on medical and stomatologic specialties).
After the termination of a bachelor degree it is possible to remain at university on a semester or year and to receive honourable degree (Honour Degree, still call it the bachelor with honors). This degree can give you additional points at employment or will reduce study term in a magistracy (if you there gather). But in the latter case it is possible not to subtilize, and right after a bachelor degree to arrive in a magistracy (in it two years study usually).
The highest scientific degree — the doctor of philosophy. In doctoral studies you will accept, if you have a degree of the master, in some cases — degree of the bachelor with honors. For study, scientific researches, writing of the dissertation and receiving desired PhD three years leave usually.
Students in Australia are compelled to study well: by local rules if examination is filled up, it cannot be repeated, and to the person remains nothing how to pass the same course anew and, respectively, again to pay for it.
Recently at a choice of educational institution abroad students more and more attention give to a rating, prestigiousness. Informal ratings of the Australian universities are published regularly by the Ashenden & Milligan publishing house directory The Good Universities Guide. They are based on information from different sources, in particular, from governmental departments and from polls of students and graduates. Thus originators note that their ratings do not reflect a full picture and can serve only as indicators of the general tendencies.
It is clear that the diploma of prestigious university considerably raises your rates among employers. However experts consider that it is necessary to choose university not according to the name, and on, whether he can help to achieve the object to you. Much more important in this regard there can be a rating of specialties. For example, the Melbourn business school is included into number of leading world schools, Makvari’s university is known for strong financial faculty, the Sydney university — the humanities. If to tell about the right, in Australia only 3 universities which give really good preparation on this specialty — one in Melbourne and two in Sydney.
The Russian students generally go to study finance, management, marketing, the right, information technologies. However, in the last half a year the number arriving on engineering specialties increased. It is connected with quite good possibilities of employment: in Australia there is a need for engineers and builders.
For future financiers, businessmen, bankers Australia — a unique place. This Europeanized state is located in the center of Asia. Here the American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese capital is presented. The interlacing of the financial streams, different cultures gives the chance to comprehend most that on there is the international business. It is characteristic that in Scandinavia there are state programs which provide obligatory year or biennial training of students economists in Australia.

Australians smaller formalists, than, for example, Americans. From the Russian entrant receipt in university needs knowledge of English (proves to be true IELTS or TOEFL certificate) plus good progress at school/institute. It is better and most easier to be transferred to the Australian university from Russian in which it is enough to study one year (though it is possible to pass directly after the first session). Thus зачтут, something it is necessary to learn any subjects to you anew.
In the Australian university it is possible to arrive and right after school or even in general without the Russian certificate about secondary education. Officially Russian certificate does not admit, therefore it actually is not necessary. Our seniors and graduates are recommended to arrive on a preparatory course of university (Foundation Course). Upon termination of you receive, first, the diploma about secondary education, and secondly, automatic transfer in university (if, of course, you gathered quantity of points necessary for chosen faculty).
Study on training courses is constructed as well as at university: lectures, seminars, individual consultations and a practical training in small groups. It is possible to use university library, a sports complex, that is completely to join in student’s life.
Other way to university as already it was told above — through the Australian school or college.
Three-four courses of the Russian higher education institution allow to arrive in a magistracy. And the Russian diploma about the higher education allows to arrive on a postdegree course, for example, on the MVA program. The only thing, it is necessary to remember that MVA still need experience of administrative work.
Thus, you have different ways — on duration, complexity and result. The main thing — to choose the optimum. Also remember: anything impossible is not present.
Elizabeth Kutuzovskaya, Natalia Kaytmazova

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