In the near neighbourhood from you

In the near neighbourhood from you

Will be the Bushman, туарег, the Papuan…
You are going to go into higher education, say, in France or, for example, in Australia. The imagination draws pleasant pictures: chirping Frenchwomen, the suntanned Australians, in eager rivalry telling to the Russian classmate something amusing. And here literally at university doors you suddenly meet a flock of Japanese, Vietnamese at some distance exchange words, somewhere aside something is noisy Brazilians discuss. "Where I got?! – you in a fit of temper exclaim, – whether in that the country arrived?"
Do not worry, you got to the address. Simply not only the Russian students aspire to get the western education. But also "the western inhabitants" with ease move from the country to the country, choosing itself university and life to liking

Whether always for us wait?
Let’s begin with the main thing – whether the foreigner can always enter the university, on which stopped the choice. If it is a question of private educational institution, no restrictions or limits for students from other countries exist. The main thing – to correspond to all requirements to the arriving: to know training language at sufficient level, to present results of language examinations if it is necessary, to correspond on age. The last point is very important, as if in the course of training practice passing (moreover and paid) is supposed, for the conclusion of the contract it is necessary to be full age.
If you apply for the post in known and prestigious higher education institution, to you it is necessary not only to file documents and to pay training, but sometimes in addition and to pass competitive selection. Probably, you will invite to interview by results of which the question of your transfer will be solved.
Each paid university can put forward any requirements to candidates. But never – to their nationality.
Another matter – possibility of receiving free higher education. Here already there is a sense to speak about limits for foreigners. As about this restriction dreams to become the student of this or that higher education institution sometimes break.
For example, in the Czech Republic the quantity of places for foreigners is reduced from year to year. In Germany too there are certain quotas. Especially it concerns three directions: medicine, pedagogics, law. It and is clear: to whom education got, health and the law and an order of the nation will not entrust. And by the way, education and training methods in the different countries differ, laws too, the medical equipment on which students will undergo practical training, unfortunately, can to be absent in the homeland. Therefore Germans in these "sacred" areas only allow the and very insignificant number of foreigners.
The quantity of places allocated to students from the countries which are not entering into the European community (EU), at universities of Italy, especially on medical and veterinary faculties is very limited. For example, the Udine university allocates to future physicians of 60 places for natives of EU countries and only five for other, in Turin and Milan – 300 and 10 respectively. At veterinary faculty, for example, in Padua 68 places for Italians and students from EU countries and only six for the others are allocated. For stomatologists in Ancona there are no places for foreigners, and in Siena – only one. Pharmacists accept slightly more.
From 1400 future architects in Milan only 50 not from EU countries. Lawyers have approximately the same ratio. However, to Academy of fine arts admit only capable, without thinking about nationality.
Proceeding from told above council one: specify, whether there are in the higher education institution chosen by you limits for foreigners. Not in general, namely at that faculty where you are going to arrive.

With whom to study?
There is expression such very old and very extended before: "What is the American university? This such educational institution which is in America and in which Russian Jews teach Chinese as it to overtake". And, as we know, in each joke there is a grain of truth.
As to professorial structure, it, naturally, steals up taking into account scientific achievements of teaching experience, and it is supposed that the knowledge, which students will receive, will be the most quality. And taking into account shortage of shots in some branches in the same States it is easy to allow, what not all professors whom you will meet, will be radical Americans.
Now about trainees. If to request from the western higher education institutions the general list of the countries which students begin or continue training within the precincts of this or that institution, it becomes clear that aboriginals at all always prevail.
For example, in De Monfort University (United Kingdom) on the MVA program students of 44 countries of the world, among which both Fiji, and Uganda, the USA and Germany, Israel and Korea, Bulgaria and Poland arrived. National structure of students is as follows: Englishmen – 27 %, Americans – 4 %, students from Asia and the Middle East – 10 %, on 25 % of "natives" from the Far East and from EU countries.
Here personal example. On a party organized by students of university of Dresden, I met the British, the Brazilian, girls from Portugal and Italy, the Frenchman, several Vietnamese, the Yugoslav, the Albanian, the Turk, the Tatar and pair of Russian from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Though to be fair I will notice that Germans nevertheless it was incomparable more.
I remember, how the first time saw the photo of student’s group of the Australian university. "It is the East?" – I asked. Other nationalities in a picture make out I could not.
You will meet many foreigners in those countries which already managed to make education by an economy revenue. And, where teaching language, as a rule, English. For example in Australia, America, Switzerland. In where foreigners accept not too actively, and language of teaching is not included into number popular, there is a probability to find more homogeneous collective consisting mainly of locals. For example, in Italy.
At a higher education institution choice hardly it is necessary to pay attention to national structure of students. After all the most important that should interest you, is that knowledge, skills which you receive during study. By the way, acquaintance to foreigners – excellent possibility even in the course of training to get business contacts to experts from the different countries. Who knows, maybe, with you at lecture future president of bank or the owner of a large network of supermarkets sits.

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