Traditional cuisine of Australia

Traditional cuisine of Australia

The kitchen in Australia is characterized by that here the wide circulation has Asian dishes therefore often here submit either almost crude, or the products processed to full unrecognizability.

In Australia you will manage to taste exotic fruit and such delicacies, as a blue crab, fillet of an opossum, meat of a crocodile, a lip of a shark.

Food in Australia

Food allowance of Australians fruit, vegetables, meat (chicken meat, mutton, pork, beef, ягнятина, кенгурятина make, meat of a crocodile), fish, seafood (oysters, combs, mussels, lobsters, shrimps, crabs octopuses), dairy products (cheese, eggs).

In Australia it is necessary to try chiko roll (egg roll with a stuffing from mutton, rice, barley and vegetables), beefsteaks from meat of a kangaroo with mushrooms, vegemite (paste on the basis of barmy extract, onions and a celery), lamington (the biscuit cookies covered with coconut shaving and chocolate).

If you the same fan of meat, as well as Australians, you not only find a wide choice of meat dishes in restaurants, but also can independently roast meat on a grill (on any parking electric braziers are established).

Where to eat in Australia? At your service:

  • cafe and restaurants where it is possible to order dishes European and other kitchens of the world;
  • restaurants, spetsializiruyushchy in a certain kitchen (Italian, Greek, Thai);
  • restaurants of a fast food (the international networks – Subway, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, a local network – Red Rooster);
  • pubs (here it is possible not only to try various grades of beer but also to order a steak, seafood, a fried potato, sausages, a shish kebab, salads).

Drinks in Australia

Popular drinks of Australians are tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice, beer, wine, the Australian dark rum.

Fans of beer should try such brands, as VB, Fosters, Coopers, Tooheys, Four XXXX, and to fans of wine – Wolf Blass, Hardy’s, Yalumba, Lindeman’s.

Gastronomic round to Australia

If you go to gastronomic round to Australia, can visit restaurants with open terraces and take pleasure in unsurpassed dishes and wines of a world class. At desire for you can organize a dinner in the Sydney harbor at restaurant of high kitchen, cafe or onboard the ship overlooking harbor.

In Australia culinary and wine festivals are often held. For example, having arrived on the Festival of seafood, you can try the dishes prepared from sea gifts, and to try various grades of wines it is possible, having gone on a festival “Wine погребок”.

As the most part виноделен is in Australia near to the main towns which suggest to visit “secret excursions”, you will have a possibility to visit the first class restaurants and lessons of an assessment of quality of wine with tasting.

Having arrived to Australia, you will carry out unforgettable rest on this far continent.

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