Where to live in Australia

Where to live in Australia

Chosen educational institution abroad inevitably faces need to choose as well housing. As a rule, options – a university campus / a school hostel and a family are considered. On the one hand, you look for only the vacation spot after sated with study and "out-of-class actions" day. On the other hand, this place becomes your second house for some time and who knows, can, you want to return there again and will remember it with nostalgia. We continue to tell about what housing offer students foreigners in the different countries. Today it will be a question of Australia.

Parents do not choose?
If you by the nature are appeasable and easily get on with people, accommodation in a family can appear for you the most suitable option. It will manage cheaper, than housing in a university campus or a school hostel. In a family it is possible to carry to pluses of accommodation also and fast immersion in the Australian life, acquaintance of local culture, daily language practice. Australia is the country of immigrants, and foreigners here do not consider as people of the second grade. The earlier you will reserve housing (to make it it is possible by means of educational agency, educational institution or is independent), the it is more than chances to get to the good family living near to school. But even if the house of an accepting family will appear not in the same area, it is not necessary to worry strongly. After all the system of public transport of Australia is considered one of the best in the world and you without effort can reach a study place.
Making of the decision on accommodation in a family, attentively study all data. The pleasant photo of the house yet is not a guarantee of a successful choice. It can appear that in the house there live some families, and the allocated room is too small to place all your luggage. It, of course, isolated cases, but they meet. In any city there is a gradation of areas on more and less prestigious. It is quite good to learn about any habits and family foundations. Probably, not all requirements and conditions will appear accepted for you.
Duties of an accepting family include washing, room cleaning, cooking (if a food is reserved). It is necessary to pay for long-distance and trunk calls to you, and it is, as a rule, more favorable to use telephone cards. Concerning a consumption of water, light, an electricity it is possible to tell the following: often problems arise because of their irrational use, instead of because of greed as it is accepted to consider at us. If you the fan to esteem late, this quite clear desire and should not cause any complaints but if you leave turned on the light and escape in shop behind purchases, it can cause misunderstanding.
In a family it is possible to refer need to minuses of accommodation to be arranged under another’s habits, sometimes to change the. Noisy parties not are welcomed by all. And it is more correct to tell, are not welcomed at all. The invitation of friends on a visit needs to be stipulated in advance. It is necessary to come back home in time and to warn a family if you are late or spend the night in other place. If will largely carry, you will get to very friendly family inviting foreign students for altruistic reasons or to learn more about Russian culture. But such meets infrequently.
To improve the relations with an accepting family, it is possible to grasp with itself Russian souvenirs and to present them to the hostess of the house. You will not lose, if carry Russian dolls, Gzhel, linen products.
Though all families different and to predict the relations even at favorable first impression it is very difficult, nevertheless it is possible to give one recommendation. It is better to ask and discuss controversial questions in advance, than to operate at own risk.

Hostel in an Australian way
To those who goes to study in university, the Australian higher education institutions offer placement in the campuses. Accommodation in a university hostel is more expensive a little, than accommodation in a family or apartment rent. Pluses of such housing: proximity to university, life in an environment of other students, existence here libraries, the computer center, the sports centers, clubs, cafe, restaurants, and even post service. Conditions of accommodation in campuses in each higher education institution the. But, as a rule, one common kitchen, souls and a toilet is the share of some rooms. Many students at first training live in a campus. Further, having accustomed, the part of students prefers to rent apartments. The main plus of rent of the apartment – lower cost. In the majority of universities there is housing offices (moving services for students). There well know a situation in the real estate market, conduct a database on handed-over apartments. On sites of universities also there is a section housing where it is possible to gather useful information. By the way, to rent the apartment in Australia it is possible only from 18 years, but also it is required to prove solvency (to show balance of the account).
If you go on a language course, your school will offer you own or rented hostel. Accommodation conditions same, as well as in a campus. Very often language schools in Australia work at universities and offer accommodation in a university campus.

Still options?
For the short period it is possible to prefer hotels. It is good spare option if you did not manage to make a reservation in a campus or you for any reasons do not accept accommodation in a family. Some hotels do discounts to students. The most economic option – hotels with conveniences on a floor. They cost cheaper much, and unlike the Russian hotels of such level purity and an order reign in rooms.
There is still an option of the student’s hostels serving some educational institutions (so-called student house or dormitory). They settle down, as a rule, in the city center. At the price are comparable to inexpensive hotel. What they themselves represent? These are one or several rooms on a floor, a bathroom with a toilet and the equipped kitchen. Rooms are given for the term of not less than a year. At delivery for shorter term the payment can increase. It is not always easy to find an empty seat in such hostel. Expensive rooms are released, as a rule, and cheap very quickly leave. To reserve places it is necessary in advance and to bring pledge for many months forward.
According to educational agencies very few people remains it is dissatisfied with accommodation in the Australian families. Nobody told and about any troubles which have happened with our compatriots there. Than the school is better, especially responsibly it approaches to a family choice. And if the family cosiness does not seduce you, do not miss time, reserving accommodation in a campus or hotel. Some agencies recommend the following scheme of search of housing: the contract with a family for one month with possibility of further extension. If it will be pleasant to you and you will find a common language with a new family, all problems with search of housing disappear. If is not present, there will be time for search of alternative option.

We thank the companies "Parta", "System-3" for the help in material preparation.

Gulnaz Hamidullina

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