Ski resorts of Australia

Ski resorts of Australia

The whole continent and almost novel Europeans the world – here that such Australia. This earth developed the long millennia under the laws, and therefore there is so much all special, not meeting it is more anywhere on a planet. Australia is located in several climatic zones, and deserts and rainforests, snow-covered peaks of mountains and warm valleys with vineyards can be direct neighbors here.
Any trip to Australia – already in itself adventure for the European. After all to appear at other edge of a planet it is necessary not so often. Go here behind sports impressions and mountain skiers with snowboarders, and local mountains allow to make driving especially being remembered and original. The season in many resorts of the green continent lasts all year, but the most comfortable conditions – from July to September.

Tredbo’s resort

One of the most popular in the country, this resort is in the State of New South Wales in Snow mountains. It is considered the most high-mountainous: the driving zone here begins at height of 2037 meters and comes to an end at level of 1365 meters. The resort is served by 14 modern lifts which deliver athletes to start places. Rub from them – high-speed, and therefore in Tredbo there are no turns. The longest descent begins at top of Karels and proceeds almost throughout six kilometers.
In total in the resort 50 routes which are prepared not only for skiers, but also for snouborder, tobogganers and fans фрирайда are laid. Beginners and children can be trained in thematic parks Wombat World and Easy Rider. Those who safely carries the level to an average, master descents in Intermediate and Advanced park parks. And the most advanced prefer the routes Crackenback Supertrail and Funnel Web. In them the average part looks almost vertical, and hummocks and potholes do driving very extreme.
Tredbo’s distinctive feature – the modern equipment of routes, continuous work of all serving systems, the excellent quality of snow insured by snow guns, and highly skilled instructors who can teach to go for a drive on a board or skis of all wishing.

Resort Perisher Blya

Perisher located in a valley in New South Wales this resort even against all other faultlessly prepared Australian regions of driving looks special. The highest level of its equipment does not leave doubts that Perisher Blya costs in vanguard of mountain skiing of the green continent.
The park of lifts is considered the biggest on the Green continent and includes 34 latest units which almost instantly deliver 52 thousand guests at an o’clock to places of the beginning of descents. In this resort the most extensive zone of the driving located at such height – from 1600 to 2050 meters. The routes laid in the region, suffices on all. From 59 descents on one heel it is intended for green and the pro thrill-seekers, and all the others – for athletes of the average level of readiness.
Dosochniki aspire on this resort for several reasons. Main from them – an excellent halfpipe, unlimited possibilities to be engaged borderkrossy, not bad equipped fan park with various figures for working off кульбитов and desire to drive in the evening at artificial lighting. By the way, the local halfpipe is developed by the American pros and has a bias in 12 degrees at 100-meter length and 18-meter width. Trench height – four meters.
The unique minus of the resort – the prices. Expensively here all – from accommodation before stock hire. Ski-pass per day there are about 140 dollars, for five days – about 500 dollars. To remove number in hotel directly in Perisher Blya will manage not cheaper, than 500 dollars, and therefore everything prefer to lodge in the small towns located in an hour of driving from the resort.

Resort Buller

This region of driving in Australia officially admitted to the best the country for the last decade. He conducts the history them the 50th years of the twentieth century when the first athletes started to master its slopes. Today Buller accepts annually to 300 thousand border and skiers from every corner of the world and is one of leaders on the green continent.
Buller in staff Victoria in a mountain chain of Delatite at height from 1390 to 1790 meters is located. Here 62 routes a third from which is marked black are equipped and is suitable for fans of adrenaline and speed. To beginners too is where to fulfill equipment – 15 routes of various extent are given for the most inexperienced. 27 lifts from which 8 – kreselny, serve athletes with capacity to 40 thousand people in hour.
For border in the resort the halfpipe and сноупарк with a stage is equipped. That who only plans to learn to stand on a board, Buller recommends the mountain-skiing instructors. Local school – one of the strongest in the country, and competitions on the snowboarding, carried out on local routes – the region card.
The prices on ski-pass make about 75 dollars for day of driving. In five days it is necessary to lay out 220 dollars.

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