Traditions of Australia

Traditions of Australia

Existing in some isolation from all other world, Australia is well-known not only by the unique natural miracles and animals which everything is universal go with bags. For the traveler who has arrived here for the first time of tradition of Australia too can seem very strange and unusual. Customs and habits, as well as the Australian people, were born rather recently, and the culture of the green continent and is in process to this day of formation and formation.

Picnics and jumps

Two doubtless loves of each Australian are horse jumps and picnics in the open air. And if sorties on the nature here arrange with an enviable regularity, for races there is the unique day in a year which the state is declared target in staff by Victoria. On the first Tuesday of November each his inhabitant by old tradition of Australia stakes on the favourite participating in the Cup of Melbourne.  
In the spring the country celebrates Day of memory of veterans. On April 25 on solemn parade on streets of the cities there is everything who once protected honor of the country in the military conflicts. After a dinner celebration of heroes and a friendly sit-round gathering in the bars which doors this night are open till the morning begins.

Without a hint shadow

In traditions of Australia – to say that you mean and not to use hints. Here the brevity in explanations and descriptions is welcomed, manifestation of emotions in public is limited, handshakes among men and manifestation of polite care of the lady are accepted.
On a visit Australians go by the invitation, the binge thus taken with happens is regarded as a politeness and good breeding sign. Rules of a good form oblige inhabitants of the green continent not to show own superiority anywhere.

Center of the universe

Australians consider the continent as the most central on a planet. The feeling of stay "on boondocks" geographical and political life is absolutely not peculiar to them, and dislike of local population for travel to other countries became long ago a subject of jokes. Popular tradition of Australia – release of souvenir products with the world map put on it on which the green continent is located in the center.
Not too great popularity of any authorities among Australians leads to that they prefer production of own production, and the import goods treat very skeptically.

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