New Year together with a kangaroo

New Year together with a kangaroo New Year’s evening on other end of a planet celebrate with great pleasure. They have this holiday – in the summer. But the Last week of old year spend with friends and a family. Celebration of New Year comes to an end on January 6.
All discos, bars, clubs, hotels, concert halls and even beaches are overflowed. As soon as bells beat 12 times, all amicably start to rustle, hoot in pipes, to beat the drum and wish each other happy new year.
Fans of outdoor activities get out on picnic or a camping, are engaged in surfing and other water sports. At this time Australia becomes the most attractive tourist direction. More than 300 thousand people annually come here for New Year.
Recently Sydney was recognized as the best city for celebration of New Year. It left such cities, as New York, Edinburgh, Paris and London. The New Year’s Eve in this city is absolutely inconceivable without more than 80000 fireworks which start from the bridge Sydney Harbor is by right one of the most impressing pyrotechnic shows on Earth. It it is visible at distance of 16 km from Sydney. In the 9th evenings carry out at first "children’s" salute in order that everything who does not want wait for midnight could to go to sleep. Music supplements the atmosphere of New Year. Beach parties begin, motor ships sail away.
Melbourne is famous for the New Year’s parties. All dance: people since the different ends of a planet. On beaches it is noisy: play rock groups.
If you got to Melbourne for New year, the Chinese-Australian rituals to you not to avoid. The Chinese ritual of sacrifice to ancestors practises with big enthusiasm and devotion to business. The best way to receive unforgettable feelings in magic night – to visit the Chinese quarter in Melbourne. Eighty people carry by 92-meter Give the Moon (the Great Dragon). The touch to it promises great happiness. This Chinese tradition began in 1979, and since then all locals, irrespective of an origin adhere to it. In New Year in the Chinese quarter it is most populous and noisy, because all Asian ceremonies promise good luck in new year. Australians of the Chinese origin carry out the same ceremonies in a quiet situation, at home. Also the area is famous for also excellent restaurants.
The Sydney Amusement park for New Year collects a youth large quantity. In the amusement park hundreds street actors, including the Brazilian dancers act, bars are open, DJs play. Entrance tickets cost about $90 and start to be on sale in October. It is possible to reach by bus from the international airport or by a taxi for $20.
On a legendary beach of Bondi Beach annually to celebrate New year thousands Australians and tourists come. Father Frost arrives on personal bright surf. At the Australian Father Frost the white beard, the head is covered by the Little Red Riding Hood with a pompon, and on a suntanned body – the beach suit similar to overalls.

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