Olympic pool.

Olympic pool

Olympic pool. The Olympic Games are an event which rivets on itself attention of the whole world. Everything that though is somehow connected with Olympic Games, can apply for a part of this attention. Therefore hardly it is possible to consider as accident that last year in Australia, in the capital of summer Olympic Games of 2000 Sydney, the alliance STUDY IN SYDNEY 2000 which included six largest universities of the country was created.
Such words associate with what countries, how "hours", "perfumery", "beer" at you? It is correct, if hours – that Swiss, if perfumery – that French, and if beer – that German. Durability of these associations shows that in each area there are leaders. There are they and in the educational industry of Australia.
The alliance STUDY IN SYDNEY 2000 included some higher education institutions which can be rightfully ranked as that. For example, The University of Sydney. In Australia it as the Moscow State University in Russia – the university No. 1, the oldest university of the country. In a rating of the independent organization International Development Programme Education Australia the university occupies one of the most top lines. Among his graduates – the Nobel prize winner in chemistry John Kornfort, the Nobel winner in economy John Harsani, the prime minister of Australia John Howard and other known people.
The university of the New South Wales (University of New South Wales) which has noted in 1999 the semicentenial anniversary, is famous for the faculties of the right and medicine, and also the MVA program. Within the last three years it enters into the first ten a rating of the Asiaweek newspaper, and in May, 1999 was called the best Australian university. He is a member "Group of eight", Australia formed by leading universities, and one of three Australian universities accepted in Universitas 21 – a consortium of prestigious universities of South East Asia, Europe and North America.
Technological university of Sydney (UTS) are the advanced computer technologies. It also is very popular among Australians who receive second higher education in absentia, thus staying in continuous contact to real business. Thanks to close connection with the industry the latest developments of technology and management quickly find reflection in training programs, subjects of scientific researches and practical development.
University of Western Sydney – the youngest and most dynamic university of Sydney located in promptly developing area (already a half of the four-million city there lives). It the first entered model of training courses on fast track system (the accelerated preparation). Besides this one of few educational institutions in Australia and in the world, accepting for study as "A master of business administration" the recent graduates who do not have experience of administrative work.
One more participant of association, Macquarie University is known as a place where prepare the first class experts in bank and financial area. At last, University of Wollongong can brag of the biggest percent of students foreigners among all universities of Australia.
The alliance between these higher education institutions means that they mutually recognize results of examinations of training courses so at good progress now it is possible to be transferred without problems from one university to another. But in the universities entering into alliance, it is impossible to be translated from business colleges and institutes which are not recognized by them; and only seven educational institutions are recognized.
The difference between training cost in these educational institutions and other universities of Australia is insignificant – 8-12 %. And here requirements to students arriving and being trained in them here are much higher, as noblesse oblige – noblesse oblige. But the students who are looking for work during study in Australia, will have advantage before others (including in a salary) if will simply specify names of these higher education institutions in the summary.
The site of these universities already is advantage. Sydney now the most known, most youth and student’s city of Australia. Here the lowest unemployment that is important for the Russian student having the right legally to earn $200-300 a week. According to results of the research which has been carried out by the Australian consulting center Students International World-Wide, 84 % of all Russians who have arrived for study to Australia last year, arrived in universities of Sydney. Popularity of this city is so great that many other Australian universities decided to open the branches in Sydney. Only in their 2000 there will be already about ten.
So if you think of Australia – think of Sydney.
Edition thanks the Students-International World Wide company for the help in material preparation

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