North of Australia

North of Australia

The North of Australia are northern peninsulas of the country: Arnkhemlend, Cape York peninsula, Kimberley, and also parts of the continent which adjoin to these areas from the South. Transition to the southern lands is carried out by change of landscapes and climate. Northern Australia has strongly cut up coastline. From this party the continent has an exit to the seas of the Pacific Ocean: Arafursky, Timorsky and to Torres Strait.

Gulfs Van-Dimen, Gulf of Carpentaria and Joseph-Bonaparte are on a continental shallow and run into the coast. There are a lot of islands and coral educations. The relief of a northern part of the country is presented by lowlands and a plateau. There are also insignificant and not so high mountains. The extreme point of Australia in the north considered Cape York. Near the northeast coast the Big Barrier reef which is the biggest coral reef on a planet lasts. Its length exceeds 2000 km.

Climate of Northern Australia

Weather conditions in the country differ depending on areas. Seasonality here is expressed opposite seasonality in the northern hemisphere. In the north of Australia the tropical climate, for which characters dry and damp seasons prevails. The temperature changes slightly within a year. In the winter the average temperature is equal +22 degrees, and in the summer of +33 degrees. In central areas climate hotter. In the southern areas there are cold winters, especially in mountain areas.

Natural features

The flora and fauna condition strongly depends on a relief and climate. The North of Australia has deficiency of water in a dry season. The vegetative cover is formed depending on duration of a season of rains and from an amount of precipitation. Coasts are covered with palm trees and other plants which transfer sea inflow. Coast of the Gulf Gulf of Carpentaria have mangrove thickets. Damp rainforests meet in east areas. Ficuses, palm trees, laurel trees, eucalyptuses, ferns, a pandanus, lianas there grow, etc. The fauna is representatives of the woods and savannas. Kangaroos are found in a northern part of Australia, an emu, wombats, koalas, crocodiles, лирохвосты and other animals. Feature of separate areas are the constructions created by termites. The considered territory is occupied rather seldom. For this reason its natural resources are poorly mastered. In some areas there is a production of diamonds, oil, bauxites and uranium ore. Agriculture in the north of the country is not developed owing to improper agroclimatic conditions.

Popular resorts in the north of Australia

In the country it is considered one of the most beautiful resort places Cairns. It is a northern corner of Australia where the tourism sphere is perfectly developed. Here trips to settlements of natives, a jeep safari, beach rest are possible, etc. Layzard-Aylend treats the best and most expensive northern resorts of the Barrier reef.

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