Boundless prospects with the Australian formation

Boundless prospects with the Australian education

To you, wishing to study in foreign countries, for certain it was necessary to face advertizing or other information, urging to choose for study Australia. believe that it is really correct way to success tops.
For the Russian student the Australian universities are fine possibility to receive the international and recognized diploma. With it you will estimate as the trained professional everywhere, including the USA and England. Besides, the state educational system of Australia exists a long time (appeared earlier, than in England!), that causes a kachestvennost of educational system and an extensive experience in this area. Besides you will feel practically as 80000 foreign students) at home as in this multinational country yours faithfully treat traditions and interests of numerous emigrants (for 1999 were.
How to become a part of huge student’s society in the country behind “seven seas”? At desire it is easier to make it, than to get to one of popular Russian higher education institutions. For a start we advise to participate in the RAEP program (Russian – Australian Education program) within which monthly information seminars with participation of representatives of the Australian educational institutions (Australian college of English, Monash University, UTS are held…). Here you can receive all necessary information and even to consult at employees of immigration department of the Australian embassy concerning the visa, guardianship, etc.
On one of the last seminars in the Australian embassy Alex Merfi, the marketing manager of the known Australian technological university (UTS) being in the center of Sydney acted. It is one of the largest state universities where more than 20000 students study. Despite the name, university offers all set of specialties, beginning from finance, tourist management, information technologies and finishing sociology, biochemistry (180 programs бакалаврита, 200 programs of a magistracy). All programs are developed taking into account providing the highest indicators of employment of graduates of UTS.
The hit scheme specifically for the Russian students includes the requirement of knowledge of English in this university at high level (TOEFL – not less than 570 points, IELTS – 6,5 points and more). If you do not know English in general or not at the proper level, courses for preparation for delivery of dough or training on Insearch to the program (especially for those who only ended 11 classes of high school) will be offered you. Thus the language center Insearch entering into structure of UTS offers both a course of the general, and profound studying of English. Students, successfully last these courses, can be admitted to university. Certainly, at the same time knowledge of students should correspond to the requirements of university shown concerning separate specialties.
At UTS there is also Insearch Institute of Commerce specializing on providing of programs of training for foreign and Australian students, wishing to pass courses on competition of a scientific degree in UTS. Occupations pass according to the intensive program (in 16 months the biennial UTS program is studied), and at end the certificate on specialties in the field of trade is appropriated, to commerce, tourist management, information technologies etc.
If you managed to appear thus among 60-65 % of good students, you have a real possibility to arrive in UTS on degree of the bachelor without examination.
Subsequently, being trained at the best Australian university, besides the main occupations you can visit various language programs (including Asian-European), computer courses to use library and all other possibilities for creative work. Besides, the university assumes also a problem of shelter provision of foreign students: residence in the campus or in a family. Teachers and psychologists in turn will give to you personal support and the help in adaptation on a new place.
To all other Sydney is an ideal place for life during study: soft climate, beaches, museums, theaters, sports, cafe, etc. So it will be possible to combine education in the specialty with cultural actions.
That, despite high cost of flight (1000-1500 dollars), the tuition fee in Australia is less, than in the USA and England is important, but quality in any way does not suffer from it. A year you receive top-level knowledge for only 8000-12000 dollars and will find a footpath to desirable success in career.
In total in your hands that confirms saying of the ancient thinker: “Study is as rowing against the current. As soon as you will stop, you carries back”. The Australian universities will give you chance to float only forward.

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