Education in the country of eternal summer

Education in the country of eternal summer

Education in the country of eternal summer "Technologies" – today this magic word by means of which explain an essence of modern scientific and technical progress. Behind this word there are engineers and technologists of many countries by common efforts of whom production becomes more effective and more economic. Today we will tell you about the Australian higher education institution in which prepare such experts.
We can guess only, what feelings were tested in 1788 by the British Minister of Internal Affairs lord Sidney when learned that his name decided to call a pioneer settlement of English colonists on the godforsaken southern continent. Probably, this news warmed to it heart or maybe not. Anyway, a name of lord Sidney today remember unless historians of Great Britain, but the city of Sydney called in his honor turned into the largest trading and financial, cultural and scientific center of the country of Australia. +
The Sydney technological university (University Technologic of Sydney) uses in Australia and beyond its limits high reputation. In it at faculties of business, architecture and construction, engineering, the right, mathematics and the computer technologies, natural sciences, social sciences, medical and pedagogical more than 24 thousand students study.
"We work for your future", – so formulates the university motto his president, professor Tony Bleyk. – Our teachers try to encourage in students aspiration to knowledge new and ability flexibly to put the received knowledge into practice. Only possessing these qualities, the modern expert can be sure that will not lag behind prompt rates of development of a science and equipment, business and culture".
Duration of training depends on faculty and the specific program and can make from one to eight semester. Requirements to the arriving are various also. As a rule, the certificate about the secondary education, Higher School equivalent to the certificate, recognized in the State of New South Wales is necessary. However for receipt on a number of faculties (for example, architectural or pedagogical) it insufficiently, it is necessary to have degree of the bachelor.
Special conversation is deserved by the faculty of business causing heightened interest from foreign students. On this faculty, in the Russian sense of a word being it is rather a postgraduate study, take mainly the people who already have university education and besides in time to work in the specialty from two to four years. In certain cases can make an exception and accept the person without the diploma if he stored a wide experience of practical work in the sphere of business and can show outstanding abilities to training. To get on the MVA program, four-year experience in the industry, trade or management is necessary at least.

How much knowledge for the people?
Cost of one educational semester in UTS fluctuates from 3.000 to 8.250 Australian dollars. The "cheapest" program – a course of distance learning on office of economy of construction of architectural faculty; most "expensive" – the master program on office of journalism of faculty of humanitarian and social sciences. At business faculty one semester costs 7.000 Australian dollars.
Even if such sums seem you excessive, it is not necessary to refuse once and for all idea to go to study to Australia. The matter is that in UTS there is a special system of grants for foreign students. A quantity of grants annually provides also the government of the Australian Union. To use this undoubtedly tempting possibility, it is necessary to address for detailed information in Bureau of the international programs (International Programs Office) of university.
Despite the considerable prices, competition for receipt in UTS it is stably high. It, certainly, testifies in favor of university, confirming its prestige. That foreign applicants could compete as equals with Australians, at university the whole network of training courses including more than 80 various programs is created. First of all future students foreigners are interested in English courses that is quite explainable: after all training at university is conducted entirely in this language. And the number of the requirements shown to entrants, includes delivery or the IELTS test with result of 7.0 points for receipt on humanitarian specialties and 6.5 points – on all the others, or TOEFL (respectively, 600 and 575 points).
It is best of all to improve English in the linguistic center Insearch created at UTS. Occupations there are carried out in groups no more than 15 people. With listeners skilled teachers work, programs include development of skills of oral and written speech, audition, drawing up of the essay, the summary and other materials necessary for successful overcoming of all obstacles on a way to the treasured purpose. At desire and depending on initial level of possession it is possible to choose as English the program lasting from 5 till 50 weeks. It is possible to concentrate also on one of specialized language programs (the academic English, business-English, etc.).
When all problems with language will be solved, it is possible to think and of the program of the academic preparation for receipt in university. Such program consisting of four 15-week semester, Insearch Institute of Commerce offers. Listeners prepare on such disciplines, as business bases, finance, the international banking, management of tourism, information technologies, etc. The students who ended everything four semester and have shown good results, are enrolled, possessing considerable "odds" in the form of the gathered points.

That "the educational boat" did not break about a life
The UTS complex is the real city in the city. Three student’s campuses, largest of which and are called: City, are located in the center of Sydney, nearby to business quarters. With city transport there are no problems – to services of students and the subway, and some bus routes.
To the Moscow measures life in Sydney expensively. At UTS there are two hostels located out of campuses – Bulga Ngurra and Geegal. The room on one in such hostel will cost 99 Australian dollars a week (see a course on page 79); a room for two – in AUD 132. It is possible to remove housing directly in the city, at will – with a full board. It is convenient, as it is not necessary to care of timely payment of accounts for gas, phone and an electricity, namely these services stand in Australia especially expensively.
Many foreign students prefer a special type of board – family. It means that you will live in a usual Australian family, practically as her member equal in rights. Owners will provide you with three meals a day and according to the lights will surround with homeliness. But the most important – to you language practice will be absolutely free of charge provided. There is such pleasure about AUD180 in a week.
Theoretically at the serious student of free time should not be. Fortunately, in real life this severe rule is observed seldom. How with advantage and pleasure to spend leisure-time, in Sydney to itself it is not necessary to break the head. Stretched on both coast of the gulf Port Jackson, the city has all possibilities of the modern megalopolis, including rich cultural life. Opera theater, art gallery of New South Wales, the Australian museum, the zoo "Taronga" – only manage to broaden the horizons. For complete rest at your service the beach of "Bondi" well-known on all Australia, cinemas, discos, cafe and every possible sports constructions.
At the time of lord Sidney the ships moored to coast of the Tasman Sea with exiled chartist. On September 15, 2000 inhabitants of Sydney expect arrival… the space rocket which should land in the center of a huge sports complex on 110 thousand people. Exactly so, on the filtered hearings, solemn opening of summer Olympic Games will begin. The quite good pretext to fly to Australia, and at the same time to glance in the Sydney technological university and, who knows, to remain there for a long time.

Additional information:
The Sydney technological university – a site
The representative in Moscow – a ph./fax (095) 298-8157, (095) 925-3184, an e-mail
Edition thanks Bureau of the international youth educational programs "Direct conversation" for the organization of a trip of our correspondent.

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