Islands of Australia

Islands of Australia

Australia occupies the extensive territory in the Southern hemisphere thanks to what is on the sixth place on the area among other countries of the world. Within its possession the set of island educations is located. The state was stretched on the continent with the same name, islands and has some external territories. The islands of Australia are washed by waters of Silent and Indian oceans.

Popular islands of Australia

For tourist visits Heron’s located on a reef the island is perfectly adapted. The shade of a reef changes during the day. During the period since May on the middle of autumn average air temperature on the island makes +29 degrees. To get on this surprising site of a land it is possible from Gladston by the helicopter or a boat. The island Dank is famous for unique landscapes. It is in the Coral Sea and is completely covered with the tropical jungle. On this island there is the airport where there arrive flights from Cairns. Vitsandey is considered one of the best islands of the Pacific education Hamilton. There are beaches with white sand and tropical plants. Heyman’s island belongs to the list of the best world resorts. This prestigious vacation spot where the provided young people prefer to have a rest.
The main sight of the country considered the Big Barrier reef which was stretched along its east east coast. It is included in number of objects of World Heritage of the United Nations. The big Barrier reef is known for the picturesque resort islands and coral reeves. It forms the largest on a planet the rifovy system created by live organisms. The reef is almost continuous in the north. In this place it is removed from the coast on only 50 km. its southern part breaks up to separate rifovy groups. Over water hundreds islands act, but about 20 sites of a land are manned only. Interesting to tourists such islands of Australia, as Fitzroy, Deydrim, Orfeus, Green-Aylend, Hamilton are considered, etc.
Near the Southern coast of the country there is an island of Tasmania. Its area is equal about 68 thousand It is known for the soft climate rich with the underwater world and the picturesque nature. The main town of the island considered Hobart. It is the most sparsely populated and southern capital of a planet.

Weather conditions

On climate of Australia the great influence is rendered by oceanic currents. In the north of the country the tropical climate prevails. In the summer a large amount of a precipitation there drops out. In May and September rains go seldom. In the territory of the state there are semi-deserts and deserts. The southwest of Australia is a zone of the Mediterranean climate. The island of Tasmania and southeast areas of the continent are in area of influence of a temperate climate.

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