In Australia wait for truthful and independent

In Australia wait truthful and independent

When weather changes on slush and cold, especially it would be desirable the sun and heat. And steadily you remember that on other party of the equator there comes summer. And again it would be desirable to Australia…
The Russian students estimated for a long time advantages of the far Australian continent. Both excellent climate, and favorable ecology a situation, both quality education, and quite good career possibilities, and chance to remain in such almost paradise place… Here only the visa, speak, it became hard to receive. However director Rossiysko-avtraliyskoy of an educational program (RAEP) at embassy of Australia of Rosemarie Lorentz considers that problems with the visa arise not at students, and at the educational agencies which are not fulfilling requirements of the immigration authorities.
– If the person really intends to study in Australia and it has on it means, difficulties with the visa should not arise. And they do not arise. Everything that is required, it to be reserved by patience – the visa, really, here a year make out during more long period, than before (2 months). But it does not mean that Australia is not interested in the Russian students. On the contrary. As well as any country with immigration policy, we encourage arrival to the country of the qualified experts from abroad. The same who will receive a demanded profession in Australia to remain in the country have more chances. Because during study in higher education institution of people manages to adapt and become to some extent the Australian. It is better adapted for life in our country, than any professional visitor.
To complicate visa procedure we were compelled in connection with an increasing flow of illegal immigrants, so-called "imaginary students", using education as a pretext for departure (having got to the country, such "students" evaporate, creating problems and to agency, their sent, and to educational institution, their invited, and to the immigration authorities which have issued the entry visa, see No. 9, page 22-23).
– You consider what to understand true intentions of the person it is possible and any professionally working agency is obliged to "sort" clients?
– Yes, but, unfortunately, there are a lot of the agencies thinking only of momentary benefit. And they often advise educational institution cheaper, without caring of, whether it suits the student. Or so, speak: "Go to this college, it is cheaper and better". And on a place it becomes clear that next is not more expensive, and arranges the student more. In this case, under the Australian law, the person can make the complaint, and the rector is threatened by two years of prison for distribution of false information (deceptive advertizing) even if higher education institution in anything it is not guilty, and the agency abroad is guilty. Advantage of RAEP just that we can be impartial, we do not lobby interests of any separate educational institutions, and we choose from all range of educational possibilities of Australia. But it does not mean that we select bread at agencies. We cooperate, moreover, I repeatedly offered agencies:" Bring documents on visas to me before submitting to embassy, and I can estimate correctness of their preparation and registration, chances of success". It is no secret that ignorance of any nuances and the slightest discrepancies in papers serve as a cause of failure in the visa. I do not speak about attempts of deception of the authorities, unreasonable trips etc.
– And what you call "unreasonable trips"?
– Senseless it seems, for example, a fortnight course of English from scratch. Why, it is asked, to go so far for such short term moreover at all without knowing language. In Moscow and in other cities there are a lot of language course, English can be learned (or at least to start to learn) and here. Though it does not mean what to get on short language training to Australia it is impossible. If you have a good work, you are interested in continuous improvement of English, already visited everywhere, and now dream of Australia, well, welcome. In other words, intentions should be clear and logical, and desires to correspond to possibilities. However, it to you in any embassy will tell.
– But, how I understand, as a whole Australia is more interested in long-term students?
– It so. Besides, in independent and independent students. Those who can choose who knows that wants, instead of follows the tastes of agencies and parents. Such students the course, the training program, instead of prestige and a university arrangement interests first of all. The Australian universities in general are incorrect for comparing among themselves, and it is a lie that the university of Sydney is better, for example, than university of Queensland. At each university there are general for all courses (we will tell, business, IT), and they are taught approximately at identical level. But at the same time each educational institution has the feature, specialization. For example, biology of the sea (Marine Biology) best of all teach at Cook’s (Cook University) University.
By the way, in Australia the biggest in the world percent of foreign students. The Australian education, in fact, international, also was created it not least for students from abroad, first of all, developing countries that, having come back home, they could affect economy development essentially. Not a secret that almost all heads and leading businessmen of Singapore, Malaysia and some other countries of the Asian and Pacific region studied in Australia.
– And, nevertheless, even if any, let the considerable percent of foreign students comes back home and thanks to the received education does very successful career in the homeland, you will not deny that many foreign students remain. Moreover, perceive study in Australia as a legal and natural way of immigration.
– In it there is nothing strange and terrible. I will repeat, Australia encourages so-called "personnel immigration" (skills immigration). The immigration authorities regularly update the list of scarce professions. And deficiency is often liquidated at the expense of foreigners. For example, now it is not perspective from the point of view of immigration to study hotel business – such experts in Australia a surplus. But there are no professionals in engineering, computer and IT technologies, accounts department and finance.
– How you estimate interest of Russians to study in Australia? Whether it will grow, and what your role in this process?
– It seems to me, the Russian market of training is abroad rather insignificant. And this with the fact that the country is huge and at it high potential. If I am not mistaken, to Great Britain, the most popular country from the educational point of view, on long-term training no more than 5 thousand Russians annually leave. Australia, of course, cannot compete with England. But interest to training abroad does not decrease and the more so does not vanish, it grows. It should grow when in the world processes of globalization, deletings of borders amplify, people travel more and more, choose to itself a place for life. Training abroad, in my opinion, part of this general process.
RAEP, for its part, is urged to propagandize education in Australia, to stimulate interest to our educational institutions that we and do. Every second Tuesday of month we hold at ourselves free seminars on the Australian education for all comers. We cooperate with the Russian educational agencies and we help them if they need our help. I can call some agencies making a notable contribution to advance of education in Australia and doing it quite successfully and professionally. This "Knowledge center", "The green continent", "Australiana", "Direct conversation", IQ Consultancy, language school "Ya", Greros, ITEK. Though at the last four, as far as I know, while small volumes of business across Australia. It, of course, is far not the complete list. Almost each Australian educational institution (university, college, high school, the language center), accepting foreigners, has representatives in Russia. They are specified in our catalog. Educational institutions too willingly give their coordinates as anybody is better than the professional and the expert in this area will not prepare you for training in Australia.

From the RAEP Study Australia catalog:
Average cost of residence in Australia-10-12 thousand AUD a year, including housing, utility bills, a food, city transport, stationery, clothes and entertainments.

Weekly costs of a food on the average – 65 AUD
RAEP seminars: the second Thursday of every month at 16.00 in embassy of Australia to the address: Moscow, Kropotkinsky Lane 13

Additional information on visas and study in Australia:


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