How to become the manager of hotel in Australia.

How to become the manager of hotel in Australia

In 2000 Australia invasion of tourists, fans of sports and athletes from all over the world expects. The main event of next year — the Olympic Games-2000 — will take place in the summer, but during the whole year many festive actions, to it dated will be organized. In this regard, on the last forecasts, the need for experts in hotel business and the industry of reception and entertainment of guests from abroad (hospitality industry) considerably will increase.
However, and during other times Australia has deficiency of such experts (it is necessary to tell that demand for them grows everywhere as around the world travel and hotel business promptly develops). It is a high time to use it and to arrive in one of the Australian hotel schools. Education there is much cheaper similar European and American, quality is absolutely not lower (simply Australian schools are less known), and prospects upon termination of are very tempting. After all Australia — this Europeanized state located practically in the center of Asia. And the interlacing of the American, Asian and European stories of cultures and financial streams leaves the mark. Experience of joint business in such situation can be received only in Australia. Test in work you can in the most busy season in Australia: in this country, as we know, it is authorized to students to work, besides, training at any school of hotel management assumes obligatory training during study. So you will have a chance to see the Olympic Australia from within and to stick many interesting and useful communications.
What is the Australian schools of hotel management to that there teach as in them to arrive, it will be possible to learn first-hand soon. In October of this year to Russia there come representatives of the Australian schools, including the managing director of one of the most prestigious The Hotel School (Inter-Continental Sydney) Peter Lewis. They will carry out one-day seminars presentations of the schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Riga. While we briefly will tell only about some educational institutions preparing experts of hotel and travel business.
The majority of the most known business schools and professional colleges of Australia is located in the largest city of the country — Sydney. And it is clear: Sydney — the main business and cultural center of Australia. On preparation of hotel managers Billy Blue International Hotel Management School, Holmes Colleges, The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, The Hotel School (Inter-Continental) specialize. In them more than 40 Russian students already study. Many schools conduct joint programs with the Swiss and American schools of hotel and travel business (the last, as we know, are considered the best in the world). Therefore students receive the double diploma — Australian and Swiss or Australian and American. And it gives the chance to find a good place of work or to continue education in one of prestigious higher education institutions of the world.
Billy Blue International Hotel Management School is included into system vocational and Billy Blue language schools. It gives the diploma of the manager of hotels in two years, and the last half a year of training — paid practice at restaurant and hotel. Graduates of this college can arrive without examinations on a last year of universities of Australia, Great Britain, the USA, Switzerland and to receive there degree of the bachelor. One year of training in Billy Blue International Hotel Management School costs 12.800 Australian dollars ($8.500).
Holmes Colleges — versatile educational institution with very strong preparation on economy. Training in "Tourism and hotel management" lasts 1,5 years. Graduates of college are accepted at once on the second year of the Australian university. It is the unique college in which the foreign students studying English, can attend free of charge lectures on any business office. One year of training in college costs 7.950 Australian dollars ($5.300).
The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School is located in 100 km from Sydney, in a picturesque place — the Blue Mountains. He offers the following scheme of training: the first semester — the study, the second — practice at restaurant and hotel at school. The full course of training lasts 2,5 years (it is possible to take and short courses with assignment of qualification and issue of the certificate). With any higher education it is possible to arrive on polutorogodovy a postdegree course. Graduate Diploma of this school allows to arrive on the MVA program of some universities of Australia which termination deduces at once the person on the highest step of management of hotels and the companies. One year of training at school costs 10.160 Australian dollars ($6.700).
The Hotel School (Inter-Continental) — the unique school in Australia which works in five-stars hotel of Inter-Continental system and is its part. The school prepares workers for this system and 100 % of graduates is arranged in Inter-Continental hotels on the first year of training. Duration of training at school — 2 years (with obtaining the diploma) or 3 years (with receiving degree of Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management). One year of study costs 14.950 Australian dollars ($9.900).
Fans of exotic can go to study closer to the equator, to Brisbane. On the well-known gold coast Russo Institute of Technology is located. At institute there is an intensive course (9, 18 weeks) and a standard course (1,5 years). Theoretical occupations alternate with practice in Sheraton Brisbane Hotel. At faculties of Hospitality & Tourism study the organization of hotel business, accounting, work with clients and mass media, the computer, economy, prototyping and design. Foreign languages (any language of the Asian and Pacific region for choice) are obligatory also. One year of training costs 10.995 Australian dollars ($7.330).
For the last year the number of students increased by 60 % from Russia and Eastern Europe, arriving on these specialties in Australia. For the present there is time to make the choice.

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