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Colonel William Light 1786 - 1839

First Surveyor General of South Australia

Deeply feeling the importance of the trust imposed upon me by the Commissioners when they confided solely to me the task of selecting a site for the capital of this province; and feeling yet more the fact that the well-being of thousands is now connected with, and may, in a great measure, depend, upon the correctness of the decision I then made, I am anxious, if possible, to convince the Commissioners and the public that I endeavoured scrupulously to do my duty, and that my exertions have been conscientiously directed to the good of the colony.

Colonel Light appears to be peculiarly and pre-eminently qualified for the important office to which he has been appointed; and we should have deemed it expedient to delegate to him exclusively this first and most important of our colonization powers, were it for this reason only--that we present to him stronger and higher motives for bringing all the resources and energies of his mind to the execution of his task, by showing him from the first that in the selection of the first settlement all the credit of success and all the discredit of failure will belong to him alone.
- Colonization Commissioners 1st Annual Report 14th June, 1836

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