Flag of Australia

Flag of AustraliaThe national flag of Australia is a rectangular panel with a ratio of the parties 2 to 1. A banner background – dark blue. On it six stars five of which are located in the form of constellation of the Southern cross are represented, and the sixth is at the left under the flag of Great Britain. The largest star – seven-final where six star beams are a quantity of the colonies, which six, and the seventh are external territories. The dark blue background of a flag symbolizes the ocean. The British flag pays a history tribute when Australia was a colony of Britain.

Accepted the Australian flag in 1901, but the banner received a final look in 1903. The design of a flag got out of competitive works. However later the flag was a little modified. Appearance of a present flag appeared in 1934, but was finally approved in 1954 and became «a national flag of Australia».

Each star on a flag of Australia has the value: five of them seven-final stars – a star of Commonwealth, Akruks, Bekruks, Gakruks, Dekruks, and the sixth is five-pointed – a star Youzhny Kresta’s Epsilon. Before emergence of the Australian flag on the continent the British flag the Union Jack was used. Also took place to be to flag option with a red background. Red flag was used on sea trading vessels.

In 1953 established rules of use of the Australian flag. It is possible to establish it at height, above other flags. To use a flag it is necessary on each building of the government at elections and referenda. Vessels of individuals can use both options – dark blue and red flags.

Flag omission for 1/3 lengths of a flagstaff occurs in case of death of the monarch or members of royal family, the governor general, in day Anznak, in day of memory of victims in the First and the Second World War.

Without special permission to use a flag in advertizing it is inadmissible. In case of its use the flag should be presented adequately, is represented only in the original without extraneous drawings and inscriptions.

In 1996 Day of a national flag of Australia was founded. With an initiative William Dean acted. But to celebrate day of a flag began in 1985 in Sydney. This day is not day off, but in some cities of the country different events are held.

Because of increase in number of republicans in Australia, the image of the British flag started to criticize strongly. Therefore about change of a flag of Australia serious disputes today are sharpened.

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