Cost of residence in Australia

Cost of residence in Australia

Australia, perhaps, one of the most mysterious and surprising countries of the world. Here it is convenient to have a rest both with money, and without them. In total as if it is created for excellent rest – the country some seas and oceans, therefore wash climate here the simply curative. And also there are interesting animals, various entertainments and smart hotel complexes. What average cost of residence in Australia for the tourist and whether really to have a rest here with the minimum budget?


In the country hotels distinguish not on the international classification, and by classes. Them 5. The most expensive hotels of Australia are in Sydney:

  1. «Shangri-La Hotel 5 *»;
  2. «InterContinental Sydney 5 *».

Cost of accommodation in similar hotels begins from 120 American dollars in a night with the person. Average hotels give the numbers for $80–150. The majority of tourists prefers to lodge in motels. The separate room with all conveniences will cost about $50. It is also possible to rent apartments at local, the prices approximately the same, but it is option for short term. Long-term rent here is not welcomed. It is possible to lodge on a farm, it will be not only is cheap, but it is still fascinating. And children will be delighted simply. For absolutely budgetary rest usually choose хостелы and hostels. The prices for a bed seldom exceed the prices for similar services in other countries. In Australia it will be necessary to pay $15–20.


If expensive restaurants not option, it is necessary to pay attention to Asian snackbars which in the country there is a lot of. The prices there the quite accepted – $10–15 for a dinner for two. There are also institutions where with itself it is possible to bring binge, food cost in them low. Are popular in Australia and institutions with self-service. To eat at such small restaurant it is possible for $10, and even it is less. Strange, but in the majority of the Australian cities it is authorized to arrange a barbecue in parks, than enterprising tourists successfully use. Living on a farm, it is possible to forget in general about problems with a food. As a whole, in Australia it is possible to eat, without overpaying for service and giving of dishes.


Between the large cities of Australia distance quite decent therefore it is better to use plane. It will cost approximately $50. Trains are not so popular and convenient, and the prices for tickets approximately same. But there are a lot of buses, both city, and long-distance. There are special travel cards at once on buses, the subway and ferries. There is such week travel card about $13. Taxi drivers take $2 for 1 km. To rent the car in Australia it is possible for $20–30 and above.

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