Features of business immigration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Features of business immigration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Money together with experience in business – here necessary components for fast and successful passing of immigration process. In principle, any country will not refuse the businessman, ready to invest money in economy and to work for the benefit of the new homeland.
But among the world states especially active immigration policy is carried out by three – Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
About features of business immigration to these countries, and also the leading adviser of the International association of immigration lawyers tells about prospects which open there before foreign businessmen "Delta Consul" Lada РЭНДЕЛЛ. –
Whatever the business immigrant chose from three countries, it will be all the same in more advantageous position, than his companion on the immigration, passing according to the independent (professional) program. Unlike professional immigrants, businessmen, investors, businessmen and other representatives of business categories of immigrants are released from observance of a number of requirements. The age, specialty, knowledge of language in their case are not solving. The main thing that the applicant for business immigration, had the necessary capital and accurately understood, how intends to dispose of it with benefit for the country and for itself.
If to speak about terms, fast option of business immigration Australia suggests – to tell about term of preparation of business for giving in Department of immigration of Australia – 1 month that really.
Means what to receive a constant residence in Australia on business category it is possible and through the temporary visa. It is a question of the 457th visa granting the right of stay and conducting of own business in Australia within 4 years. In 18 months after the beginning of functioning of business in Australia this visa easily passes to the 845th visa granting the right to live in the country is constant.
And immigration business can be submitted and considered in Australia. New Zealand – slightly longer option (about 6 months). As to Canada, here on passing of all formalities half a year and more leaves. But all this is incomparable with terms of expectation of professional immigrants of-1,5-2 years. After August crisis of the 98th year the business immigration question practically lost an urgency in Russia. However now the period of calm was replaced by the period of rough interest. And, into the forefront now there is not Canada traditionally attractive to businessmen, and Australia with its post-Olympic business prospects.
The Australian immigration legislation contains very soft conditions of business immigration. According to the program accepted in 1991, the main attention here is given to real business activity of the applicant. Therefore key parameter on which points are charged, – a look and scale of prospective business.
Forms of business can be the most different – from complete personal possession of the enterprise to various forms of a sovladeniye. To buy or base business it is possible already on arrival to Australia, having carried out the corresponding market researches and having estimated a situation in the market. Similar researches can be carried out by forces of the Delta-Konsul company till receipt of a visa on entry into Australia.
In 1995 the Australian immigration program for businessmen was expanded – possibility to submit application on providing residence permit received the people being in Australia with business visit. For this purpose it is necessary for them to invest money in strictly certain state securities for the term of at least 3 years.
For the reference we will tell that. now the most perspective from the point of view of business are such areas of the Australian economy as construction and real estate, production of wool, the diamond and cosmetic industry, agricultural products export. Business immigration includes 3 categories in New Zealand – the investor, the impresario and the businessman. The choice depends only on the sum which you are ready to enclose in business, and also from the purposes which you put before yourselves. So, for example, for potential impresarios the sum of $50.000 – $60.000 is sufficient. The businessman it is required approximately twice more, and the category the investor assumes really serious investments in national economy – from $500.000.
Immigrants who successfully develop business, can already count on obtaining nationality of New Zealand in 2 years after moving.
Canada has similar structure of business immigration also. From investors the Canadian government demands at least 400-thousand capital investments in national economy for the term of 5 years. For impresarios the minimum sum does not make a reservation: the main thing that it sufficed on acquisition, creation or entry into already working business. However unlike investors, impresarios should execute a number of additional conditions. In particular, to have experience not less than a year and to create a workplace at least for one inhabitant of Canada.
The softest Canadian program of business immigration – for independent workers. Only one demand is made to applicants: to open business which will give work to the applicant and will make at the same time a contribution to development of economic, scientific or cultural life of the country. Practice shows that 50 000 – $60 000 will be for this purpose quite sufficient.
Business immigration is process labor-consuming and demanding special knowledge. "Delta Consul" shows experience of the International association of immigration lawyers: only the professionals possessing exhaustive information on all aspects of immigration programs and contacting to all instances involved in immigration process can give full support to the client and finish his business to the bitter end.

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