Features of Australia

Features of Australia

Australia – the solar country with exotic animals and interesting culture. Here the nature grasping spirit, which is worthy of it to do such long way. And here national features of Australia should be found out before the plane will land at the airport.

Interesting facts

  • Despite strong influence of Englishmen, here all the same use liters and meters.
  • Absence on elections is punished by a penalty.
  • Tip but if that, hardly the local refuse are not especially widespread.
  • In Melbourne there is the largest tram network in the world.
  • In Australia very high social payments.
  • If on the street near the house there is a furniture or household appliances, means, it is possible to take them quietly. To throw out here something it is not accepted, suddenly it is useful to someone…

Communication and national character

Australians are very benevolent and open to communication. In conversation with them it is not necessary to be surprised to jokes and causticities. Usually Australians quickly pass to informal conversations. For some time there can be a language barrier as the Australian English and a manner to tell at locals the quite peculiar.

First of all Australians appreciate: identity; truthfulness; independence. Also locals practically do not recognize authorities, and very rich people in Australia seldom receive respect. Here first of all look at qualities of character, and already then on financial possibilities. Conversations on the subject of the income here are not welcomed. Australians adore to travel, but only on the country, they are unaffected by other countries enough. It is strange, as the majority of the population – immigrants.


Some habits in Australia and remained English, others were created thanks to hot climate. Have supper here approximately at 7 o’clock and, it is quite possible that it will be a barbecue. Kangaroos in Australia especially do not eat, rabbits too, and prefer to use meat of sheep more.

Many dishes of a local cuisine is nevertheless dishes of different kitchens of the world. They only prepare in an Australian way. Exclusively local the meat pie, biscuits, chickens "Melbourne" are considered. Adore here and seafood, and prepare them differently – traditionally or with an easy Asian raid. From alcoholic beverages Australians drink local wine and beer.

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