Cuisine of Australia

Cuisine of Australia

The cuisine of Australia "is motley" and various, and is based on English, Chinese, Japanese, Malayan, Irish gastronomic traditions.

Ethnic cuisine of Australia

Truly Australian food is vegemite presented in the form of special barmy extract with a celery, spices and onions. It can be used as a separate dish or to smear on bread.

In Australia travelers will manage to try unusual foods in the form of dishes from meat of a kangaroo, an ostrich of an emu or a crocodile, spark lips, blue crabs. The well-known national dishes are a barracuda and a trout baked on coals. If to speak about crown dishes of separate regions, in Sydney the wide circulation was received by oysters, in Tasmania – a salmon, in Koffin-Baye – scallops. As to meat and fish dishes, to them often submit чатни – spicy seasoning with apples, ginger, wine vinegar and a carnation.

Often dishes prepare and from fruit (bananas, to inye, pineapples) which in Australia are extinguished, cook, fried and make a basis of cocktails.

Popular dishes of the Australian kitchen:

  • “анабороо” (soup with nut addition бурравон, mango and meat of the bull fried on coals);
  • "share" (a pie from flaky pastry with meat);
  • dish from fillet of marinaded beef with curry spinach and bitrut sauce addition;
  • "Pavlova" (a dessert from a kiwi and a kiss with cream).

Where to try ethnic cuisine?

At the Australian restaurants to you the French, Italian, Asian, Mexican and national dishes in the form of a meat pie and a trout baked on coals (at authentic restaurants to you will suggest to try the Australian wines "Keskeyd", "Semilyon", "Victoria Bitter") will meet. Besides restaurants in the country you can have a bite in a bistro, stylish cafes and pubs for all tastes, and in wine-making regions you will manage to regale on various dishes at the restaurants located on винодельнях.

In Sydney it is possible to glance in “Wolfie’s Grill” (the restaurant is focused on preparation of the Australian foods preparing from seafood and beef), in Melbourne – in “Jacques Reymond” (here visitors order dishes of modern Australian kitchen and various wines from the wine catalog), in Canberra – in “Juniperberry” (to guests of this restaurant give opportunity to regale on dishes from a game, beef, seafood and a kangaroo).

Culinary courses in Australia

On culinary courses in Melbourne the wishing learn to prepare a perch баррамунди, fried кенгурятину, a chocolate biscuit ламингтон and other Australian dishes.

Planning to visit it is necessary to carry out Australia conceived to carrying out the Gastronomic Crave Sydney International Food Festival festival (Sydney, October), the Water-melon festival (Chinchilla, February), the Melbourn festival of food and wine (Melbourne, March), the Festival of seafood (Kangaroo Island, South Australia, April).

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