English with antipodes

English with "antipodes"

English with antipodes "Instead of whether I will treat all earth through? Here it will be ridiculous!
I get out – and people headfirst! How them there call?. Antipathies, it seems…
At heart it was glad that during its this instant nobody
hears, because the word it sounded somehow not so.
– It is necessary to me to ask them as their country is called.
"Forgive, the madam, where I? In Australia or in New Zealand?"
And it tried to make a curtsey…
– And she, of course, will think that I am the terrible ignoramus! No,
anybody I will not ask! Perhaps I will see somewhere an inscription!"

Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland"

As well as last century, Australia and New Zealand seem to many Europeans – and not only to children – the world’s end. However everything in the world is relative, and it is ready to inhabitants of South East Asia spodruchny to reach Sydney and Oakland, rather than to London or Paris. As to such territories of Russia, as Eastern Siberia, Sakhalin, the Far East, to their inhabitants to the Southern continent too no distance. Here our compatriots to the countries of a kangaroo and a kiwi – not also reached for exotic, and behind knowledge…

Study, work, rest…
Before getting out in language schools of Australia, it is necessary to count up and weigh everything properly. As far as, for example, efforts and costs of departure and flight pay back a short-term fortnight course of the general English? Doubts are not present: in the majority of language schools you will teach not worse, than, say, in Ireland or on Malta, but this pleasure in the sum which in closer country can be used with big sense will manage. Besides in consulate such trip can seem "suspicious", and you risk to remain without the visa.
Other business if you are going to study or work in this country. Not without reason in Australia the majority of a language course operates at universities and institutes. And these courses multipurpose: there teach language and for the academic purposes, and for professional, and long-term programs of the general English. Three months of training with interest will pay off, considering that study and accommodation cost at "antipodes" is much lower, than in Europe and the USA.

Language offices at the Australian private colleges and business schools accept people with any level of English – even zero. And here on the majority of courses at universities take only with decent knowledge of language.
It is possible to order a course of English lasting from 4 weeks, but the standard accepted here is a 20-week course. After all during this time the person of the most average abilities can master language even.
One more type of the program on which there is a sense to go, is "language rest". Australia involves tourists from all over the world, and the language centers, organizing courses where studying of English and the wide sports and excursion program is combined use it. Similar programs are developed both for adults, and for children and teenagers.
And in general, English schools in Australia a little than differ from the European. The same teachers with CELTA or TESOL diplomas, the same communicative technique directed on development of skills of informal conversation, the same knowledge. The best Australian language schools are incorporated in ELICOS system – English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students.

On a bosom of the wild nature
In "the kiwi country" – New Zealand – a set of language schools – both private, and working at schools and universities. Are widespread here and the network schools having branches around the world. And, despite remoteness of the country, many Russians wishing here study both to raise the level of knowledge, and to arrive in one of eight New Zealand universities or in other educational institution. Study, certainly, on long-term courses – only in this case the trip to New Zealand will pay back itself. Though in comparison with other countries, even with the next Australia, training, accommodation and a food here the quite cheap.
Language schools – that are not connected with universities – are not only in the large cities, but also in the places remote from a civilization. Programs offered by them are not less various, than in any other English-speaking country. English courses for the academic purposes, preparing for receipt and study in higher education institutions use special popularity. Other widespread option is directly connected with features of the New Zealand nature. Here to you will offer the combined language programs, and behind plus there can be any type of outdoor activities: rock-climbing, pedestrian and bicycle campaigns, an alloy on the mountain rivers and even jumps from a tarzanka. And if "extreme" you does not interest, it is possible to be content with excursions, trips to national parks and amusement parks, and "quieter" sports. So together with knowledge of English and the document on course passing at language school (and it is possible, and about delivery of the international examination) you will bring with yourselves fine sportswear and, of course, a set of unforgettable impressions.
As indicator of quality of the New Zealand language school accreditation of one of associations of private language schools – CRELS or FIELNZ can serve. Besides, as a rule, all language schools at higher education institutions provide high quality of training.

In persons
One of the best schools of English in Australia – Holmes Colleges – opened more than 40 years ago, in 1963. It has branches in several cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Kearns. Thus listeners can, without coming off occupations, to get acquainted with all Australia, being engaged serially in each of them. Each of colleges is located in the center of the city, two steps away from shops, restaurants, cafe and the other centers of "secular" life.
Interesting feature Holmes colleges is the non-standard technique of teaching assuming training not only on weekdays, but also during weekends. For example, in Kearns and Brisbane English language courses lasting from 3 days till 2 weeks with the various subject, combining occupations by English with the extensive cultural program are developed.
Among offered courses – the general English, a course for school students, business-English, EAP, preparation for the international examinations, English for the professional purposes.
The language center Unique New Zealand was based in 1989. The school is in 20 minutes from the center of Oakland, one of the largest cities of New Zealand.
Occupations by English which here will offer you, not only are effective, but also are fascinating. "Menu" include programs of preparation for IELTS and TOEFL, English the academic purposes, the general and business courses, English for children, and also vacation programs and specialized courses "English". For example, such programs, as language surfing, rafting, diving, rock-climbing, sailing use great popularity… At school there is the sports base, and occupations conduct professional the instructor. And those who prefers serious study to sports, can not only be engaged in English for the professional purposes, but also attend specialized courses: "Office-work bases", "Sociology", "History of New Zealand", "Cultural traditions of New Zealand", "Commerce", "Tourism", "Information technologies".
Add to all this the surprising nature, goodwill of locals (about any "antipathies" cannot be and speeches), comfortable accommodation and warm climate, and… can be, to you расхочется to study language in England.

Inna Shulskaya

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