Canberra – the capital of Australia

Canberra – the capital of Australia

The capital of Australia – Canberra – is located on the bank of an artificial reservoir and is between two Australian cities – Sydney and Melbourne.

City history

The city was erected for the purpose of reconciliation of two rivals which fought on a rank of the capital of the country. To stop all senseless disputes, the government decided to build absolutely new city which is territorially settling down between two unaccomplished applicants.

The huge number of projects was offered, but Berli Griffin’s development was recognized as the most interesting. Thanks to that the project considered all features of a local landscape, the city was perfectly entered in the district and even became an evident sample in textbooks on town planning.

Modern Canberra

Canberra carries out the unique role for which it and was erected – administration of all country from here is exercised. In the territory of the city the House of Parliament, the residence of embassies of other countries and headquarters of the various organizations are located. But the main offices of the largest companies monopolists, as before, are in the central industrial cities of Australia – Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

On what it is necessary to look?

Canberra – the small town to bypass which it is possible only in a day. But nevertheless and there are places which should be visited. For example, a private zoo and an aquarium located in the western part of the lake.

"Kvestakon", the science and equipment center, will interest students and travelers with children. Here happen both aboriginals of the country, and visitors tourists.

The military memorial in Canberra is a national monument and is devoted to the military personnel lost or participating in wars. The memorial, in fact, represents a huge military world renowned museum.

The portrait gallery of Canberra collected a huge collection of works of the well-known Australian artists and world celebrities.

The capital hill is the center of all city and was chosen for the Parliament building as the architect of the city.


The central part of Canberra suggests tourists to spend time at restaurants and bars. Especially hazardous guests can tickle nerves in a casino. Not too conveniently that the most part of restaurants and entertaining institutions is closed for visit on Sundays. Also remember that smoking in the territory of any establishment is strictly forbidden.

If you planned to carry out in the capital a two-three of days, the choice of places for accommodation is simply huge. At your service both budgetary hotels, and smart apartments.

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