Education system of Australia

Education system of Australia

Education system of Australia The Australian education system was cut out on English curves therefore its standards were initially high. The XX century created at a boundary private schools boards were copied with British, and based in 1850 to the first in Australia the Sydney university (University of Sydney) even architecture of the cases imitated Oxford and Cambridge. After it universities in Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania were based. From England there arrived the first teachers, textbooks were brought.

The success of the Australian higher education institutions is caused first of all by the low prices for quality education. On the average year of study at the Australian university manages in 7-11 thousand dollars that for 15-20 % is cheaper, than in educational institutions of Europe or America. Cost of accommodation is also insignificant, and thanks to the law, allowing to work till 20 o’clock in a week (and, notice, not only in the campus territory as in the USA), students can compensate a considerable part of the expenses. The high standard of living, almost total absence of crime and a safe ecological situation supplement a picture.

In more detail…
Australia – one of those countries, where students can not only get fine education but also earn on it (to students 10-30 CAD at an o’clock pay). After the first month of training the student who was regularly visiting occupations, successfully studying and carrying out all educational tasks can receive in Department of immigration of Australia the visa with the right to work. During a semester students have the right to work no more than 20 hours per week, per vacation of such restriction is not present. One of the most important conditions of finding of well paid work – excellent knowledge of English.
It should be noted, what exactly Australia gives graduates of the higher education institutions unique opportunity to continue the career in this country. However it is necessary to mean a rating most and the least demanded professions. You without effort will find work in Australia if you, for example, chose a profession of the medical worker of an average link. And here demand for doctors immigrants is exclusively low.

The address of embassy of Australia in Moscow:
Kropotkinsky Lane, 13
Phone: 956-60-70
Fax: 956-61-70

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