Pioneer Ships to arrive in South Australia 1836

The barque Duke of York - 1st pioneer ship to arrive

Ship type3 masted barque
Builtin Bideford in 1817 as a 2 masted brig
Dimensions81' long, beam 23'
Burthen tonnage190 tons
Bought byThe South Australian Company who stepped another mast turning her into a barque
Commanded by Captain Robert Clarke Morgan
CargoPassengers and whaling stores
Souls on board47 - 20 passengers, employees of The South Australian Co, including Samuel Stephens the first Manager of the Company - 27 crew
Six female passengers were listed (at least 3 of these were children, defined as under the age of 14 years)
Departed London 24th February 1836
Twice forced back for repairs and bad weather
Finally got away April 17th
ArrivedNepean Bay, Kangaroo Island 27th July - 154 days. The first pioneer ship to arrive in SA.
Significant eventsThe honour of being the first South Australian to set foot on land was given to baby Elizabeth Beare. Tragically she was burnt to death 3 years later.
FateWrecked to the northward of Moreton Bay September 1837
On to the Lady Mary Pelham
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