Sydney-2000: not only Olympic Games.

Sydney-2000: not only Olympic Games

Sydney-2000: not only Olympic Games. In the come year the attention of the whole world will be chained to Sydney — the capital of the Olympic games. It is the oldest and largest city of Australia which is famous for the theaters, concerts of modern music, museums and art galleries. A half of the 4-million population of Sydney lives in the western part (Greater Western Sydney), the most dynamic, young and democratic area. Such image not least is defined by that there is one of the best universities of Australia — University of the Western Sydney (The University of Western Sydney, or UWS).

It was based in 1989 according to the decision of parliament of the country. Despite the youth, UWS is reputed as higher education institution with high quality of training. All courses offered them passed the state accreditation. The university is included into the Australian committee of vice rectors and Association of universities of Commonwealth. Upon termination of training of UWS appropriates to graduates of degree and issues diplomas which are authoritative for employers around the world.
University of the Western Sydney — this association of three educational institutions: Nipin’s UWS, Hoksberi’s UWS and UWS Makartur. Everything together they total 40 faculties where it is possible to study on more than 100 educational directions. Here receive the bachelor’s degree and the master on such specialties, as business and management, marketing, economy and finance, information technologies, the humanities, communication, mass media, arts, design, education, jurisprudence, engineering, a science and technologies, health care and medicine.
For University of the Western Sydney that it gives the chance to combine all advantages of training in big higher education institution with delights of accommodation in the "house" atmosphere of a small campus is characteristic. The student can study in any of campuses of UWS scattered across all Western Sydney. Marvelous beauty the nature, clean air, the evkaliptovy woods with koalas — in such situation comprehend knowledge of a science more than 27 thousand students of university.
The majority of students (about 12 thousand) study in office of UWS of Nipin which has two campuses — Penrit (Penrith) and Parramatta (Parramatta). Among pupils — 1.300 foreigners from more than 50 countries. Foreign students meet at the airport, help them to be arranged, provide the most various options of accommodation — from a room in a campus on one or on some people to rooms rented by university in town houses outside of the campus. The campus of Penrit provides placement of students for $90, and Parramatta — for $ $60-120 a week.
Students study on 3-4 subjects in a semester, number of class periods — from 12 to 16 in a week. Classes are equipped with the most modern computer equipment, libraries are perfectly completed and constantly replenish. Each student automatically receives the e-mail address and an entrance on the Internet.
The university constantly aspires to develop new schemes of receiving the higher education, making it most available to entrants and even school students. So, pupils of the senior classes can enter the university and without the school-leaving certificate. Since 1998 to their services a preparatory course, so-called Fast-Track which prepares children for receipt in the Australian higher education institutions with simultaneous obtaining the school-leaving certificate. The Russian school students of 9-11 classes within one and a half-two years can pass both a preparatory course, and the first course in university, having received the initial knowledge corresponding to the western standards, allowing to continue education in Australia, and during the same time having finished secondary education. Thus, having chosen the standard — two-year — a preparatory course, it is possible to receive the bachelor’s degree in three years and four months, and having chosen an intensive course — in only three years, including and study time on training courses.
The Fast-Track program offers the following specialties: the bachelor in the field of business, computer technologies, management of information systems, accounting, management, marketing, resource management, databases etc. Transfer on a course occurs three times a year: in October, February and July.
For receipt in university it is necessary to hand over the yazykovy test (TOEFL c result not less than 550 points, IELTS with result from 6.0). If your result appeared lower, it is possible to pass an intensive 6-week course of written English. Besides, the university offers a wide choice of a language course, including a base course of English (General English), English for the academic purposes (EAP), preparation for IELTS, etc.
If you appear in the Western Sydney, everything will be near — the well-known Blue Mountains their fascinating types, Chinese cuisine at local inexpensive restaurants. And, certainly, beaches — an ideal place for bathing and surfing. Only do not forget about study.

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