Distribution in an Australian way.

Distribution in an Australian way

In Australia, as well as in any other country, there are prestigious universities and prestigious specialties in separate educational institution. The termination of such university or faculty considerably increases chances to get for good work. On university of the person meet: when the Australian gets acquainted with someone, it sets two questions "Where you studied?" and "Where do you live?". On cut-away, except other, the Australian specifies a scientific degree and the name of university which it finished.
From 38 Australian universities (from which only two private) highly are quoted what were based long ago and have rich traditions and extensive scientific base. They are located, as a rule, in the large cities, the economy and policy centers. Prestigiousness of higher education institution is defined recently also by such factor — whether can guarantee university employment of the graduates.
Of course, nobody gives to an absolute guarantee: in Australia, as well as in any other country with market economy, obligatory distribution after the termination of higher education institution is not present. But there is another. Universities sign the contract with the large company about joint preparation of students. Such close relations with the enterprises have almost all known Australian universities: UST, Macquarie University, University of Sydney, University of South Wales, University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT, University of Western Sydney. For example, Macquarie University cooperates with computer giants of Microsoft, IBM. By the way, at experts in information technologies the starting salary is higher, than at others.
The contract essence that the company takes students of university, since 3 courses, on paid training, and offers graduates a constant place of work with a starting salary of $60.000 a year. It is clear that the one who in the best way will recommend itself(himself) during training into place can count, will show a good education, abilities and diligence. Newly made experts have advantages in the field of finance, computer technologies, programming — just these specialties now in Australia and дефицитны. More and more popular and demanded there is International Studies (the international sciences). It is connected with globalization of business and need for the professionals, capable to work at the international market.
But cooperation of higher education institution and the enterprise is not limited to it. The wages fund of teachers of university is formed of funds of the companies for 50 %. The enterprises are interested in that their future employees taught "correctly" — gave knowledge and skills which be required to them then on work. Teachers regularly consult to the companies, ask, what courses are better for entering, to that first of all to teach students.
Thus, in Australia where to work to students it is officially authorized, own scheme of study in higher education institution is developed. She the is as follows: student enters the university, 1-2 course it studies, at the same time working at a gas station, in McDonald’s and on other unqualified student’s works. Then on the 3rd course teachers start to recommend it specific people in the solid partner companies which can take the student for work in the specialty (we will notice that the teacher who consists in close contact to firm, always knows, what shots are required at present). Interview is appointed. The student comes with the recommendation of the teacher and the former employers. If it approaches, it take on training. It is important that it carries out concrete tasks of the company, gets acquainted with collective.
Some students, having started to work, pass to an evening and correspondence department. It is possible to speak about a tendency already: students choose practical education, try to begin career as soon as possible and to the termination of higher education institution to reach certain professional successes. Everywhere — both at us, and at them — employers more appreciate people with experience. A difference only that in Australia students gain this experience even during study and to it actively with it help both native universities, and future employers.

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