Car rent in Australia

Car rent in Australia

The homeland of a kangaroo, Australia, as though we her and her marsupials of inhabitants, would not love, this wonderful continent is difficult for carrying to number of the countries where it is easy to receive the visa. Procedure of submission of documents for receiving a treasured insert in the international passport very забюрократизирована.

You will need also assurance by the notary of all translated papers and transfer the accredited translator should execute. Besides it is necessary to confirm your financial solvency thoroughly.

Visa collecting in the size of 4200 rubles is even for financially man of means the sum notable whereas guarantees of unequivocal receipt of a visa are not present. But all this is partly compensated by electronic confirmation of the visa, so, to come to embassy repeatedly it is not necessary any more.

Features of hire of a car

But, having reached the treasured continent, you can be puzzled at once with car search for rent. Well not to transport "swallow" across the ocean! And it is even better, while you only go to Australia, to reserve on a site of the film distributor the suitable car, thus it is possible even to manage to find very favorable rent. And you will have at once boundless possibilities on development of the new horizons. You will manage to visit those sights which many times saw on pictures, but always wanted them to visit.

Admiring local sights from a window of the hired car, it is worth to remember about restriction of speed. Here they act for the majority of drivers, visitors here from all over the world. In Australia in the territory of settlements it is impossible to exceed a limit in 50 km/h, and here on country roads the maximum speed is higher – 90 km/h.


Car rent in Australia is connected with use of the 95th or 98th unleaded gasoline. Also here in a course diesel fuel. All this is on local fillings whereas etilirovanny gasoline and gas fillings in the country not to find. 1 liter of unleaded gasoline will cost 1,37 euros, and diesel fuel – in 1,32 euros.

On the green continent active growth of the population is observed. For our time it is surprising, and for the person from Russia surprisingly also that increases together with a demographic gain and number of cars. Leadership in the birth of children here is visible is observed among men of means. But as a result of this lifting the number of empty parking spaces was considerably reduced. And the biggest problem with it in the central districts of big cities. Respectively, and the prices for a parking, and for territories of all continent, keep at high level.

On weekdays a parking in the center of the cities only the paid. After 19:00 on many streets the payment for a parking is cancelled. The same rule operates in the days off – it is possible to park freely.

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