Rounds to Sydney

Rounds to Sydney

In honor of the lord of Sydney which was then the minister of colonies of her Majesty the city which has become a place of the first colonial settlement of Europeans on again opened far continent was called. Since then modern skyscrapers and openwork bridges here grew, on city coast near a bay were held the Olympic Games, and in every December is noisy approach of New year is noted. Rounds to Sydney, despite frank high cost and long tiresome flight, do not become less popular in travelers from all corners of a planet.

History with geography

Earth called New South Wales, was open by captain Cook in 1770 on the way from New Zealand. From the war beginning for independence of the USA ceased to take the British criminals on the settlement as earlier, and therefore the corrective system of its Majesty began to look for other solutions of a problem. And there was a city in the Sydney bay exiled English каторжане became which first inhabitants.
The city was stretched in a valley on the bank of the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by the Blue Mountains and Royal national park. The Sydney bay with the gulf represent the world’s largest natural this sort of education.

Who over us head over heels?

This children’s riddle – about Australia, and everything that to habitually inhabitant of the northern hemisphere, at southerners occurs exactly the opposite. For example, the summer in Sydney begins in December, and air temperature in July-August here can reach +30 degrees. In the winter, that is in June, thermometers, as a rule, fix +15 and about that, but there are cases and stronger fall of their indications.
Precipitation to participants of rounds to Sydney is not terrible the most part of year, and plentiful rains are characteristic only for March-June. However, record their quantity can cause the floods, being accompanied whole gales and a heavy wind.

Shortly about the important

  • Direct flights to Sydney from Moscow or other Russian cities do not exist – the distance to the Australian city is too great. The most optimum options of joining offer the Arab and Japanese airlines or Thailand.
  • Movement on the city is possible by the subway of Sydney or a legkorelsovy tram. Go to the region of beaches of Manley participants of round to Sydney can and on ferries.
  • Cамое popular time for a trip to Australia – New Year’s vacation. However, to admire the well-known salute in harbor of Sydney, it is necessary to take places in neighboring parks and on lawns no later than midday.

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