Streets of Sydney

Streets of Sydney

The largest city of Australia — Sydney — is a bright example of that, the combination of ancient architecture and ultramodern skyscrapers can be how successful. The magic of this city is that it is necessary to go deep only into streets of Sydney, far away from the recovered tourist ways, and all its essence will reveal by itself.

George Street

George Street is the main street of Sydney and the most recovered its part. Here ancient buildings, modern business centers, and also numerous boutiques, shops and entertaining institutions are located. So, having passed it up to the end, it is possible to make representation that represents the city of Sydney.

Pitt, Elizabet and Castlereagh St.

Also represent considerable interest for the tourist. Unlike the central street, they not such pompous, but here it is not less various interesting institutions. The specified streets it is possible to consider as an ideal place for cheap shopping, as as a whole Sydney — the city rather expensive. Also here it is possible to try and a traditional Australian public catering.

Chinese quarter

Rather popular place among those tourists to whom beautiful sights bothered. Here it will not be possible to make a photo of authentic Australian architecture, but it is possible to find what cannot offer any boutique and a supermarket. This quarter it is built up so densely that it seems, as if it is the real city in the city. Signs in English here are a rarity so the inexperienced tourist can quite lose the way and come to be in absolutely unfamiliar place.

Well-known Kings-Kross

For those who looks for thrills in such pleasure institutions as night clubs, peep-shows and other haunts of vice, Kings-Kross approaches ideally. However, in the afternoon there is nothing to do and at first sight even you will not tell that this area changes at night in a raging copper.

Bligh Street

Anything special this street does not differ. But is the shortest in Sydney — only 200 meters, and 4 houses are located there only. However, and the history totals it 200 years, and buildings are excellent samples of classical architecture of the colonial period.

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